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Unknown Origins (2020)

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2020/8/28 97 min.


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Unknown Origins, a science fiction film from director Michael Dougherty, follows the exploits of a spaceship crew as they investigate a mysterious and strange phenomena on Mars. The movie is set during the first three centuries following the formation of the Roman Empire. In the prologue, we watch as the crew of the starship Enterprise is attacked by an unknown assailant who manages to escape with the life of the captain, leaving a message for his wife. He tells her that she will be marrying a stranger in order to protect her family's future.

Once the crew of the USS Enterprise is back on Earth, they learn that they have an unusual visitor onboard - a mysterious, pale human being named John Harrison (Simon Pegg). When the ship's medical officer, Dr. Beverly Crusher (Jodelle Ferland), goes to Earth with him to interrogate the alien, Harrison has a simple message for her. "I'm here to find my daughter." Harrison says he wishes to meet her. Dr. Crusher and Dr. John Tench (Liam Hemsworth) are the next to be called to the bridge and must discover the reason for this meeting before the Enterprise crew can destroy the alien vessel.

Although the storyline of Unknown Origins is interesting, its storyline is not what's drawing the film to the big screen. What's pulling in the crowds to the movie is the movie itself, a sci-fi/action drama about finding a way to save humanity from annihilation by aliens? This is a movie about a family struggling to maintain their own personal integrity while trying to protect the mankind from the threats presented by the alien race they're investigating.

A lot of the movie focuses on a conflict between the crew and the Klingons on the Enterprise. This is a very common theme in science fiction movies, and one that seems to be all over the Internet. There's also a strong thread in the story of a group of survivors looking for a way to return home to Earth - something that happens throughout the entire movie. This leads to the use of a plot device known as time travel to allow the audience to view the events in alternate timelines.

In addition to these main characters, there are many minor players throughout the film. These include Dr. Crusher's father, Dr. Willaria (Peter Falk); his associate, Doctor Bates (Tom Wilkinson); the captain of the Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine); his assistant, Dr. Spock (Zachary Quinto); and other alien survivors such as Mr. Orville (Kevin Pollack). Other notable recurring characters include the Martian bounty hunter Rivan (Peter Sellers), the captain of the USS Enterprise, Chekov (Simon Pegg), the ship's navigator, Scotty (James Avery), Dr. Franklin, and other aliens aboard the ship. Overall, this sci-fi/action film about aliens, time travel and romance seems to be making a splash as it comes to theaters all over the world.

Original title Orígenes secretos
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