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2020/10/25 93 min.


Chapter 4: Originless As the series continued, the origins of the new species were still unclear, but that didn't stop people's interest. In fact it only helped fuel it. Back then it was so cool and unique being something completely other than human, yet still very interesting. But as science fiction writers are won't to do, they soon started to take the Originless concept and morph it into an urban fantasy world complete with aliens, robots, teleporters and a whole lot of magic and sci-fi mumbo jumbo. And now we have a whole load of shows based around such concepts.

But what I'm trying to say is that if you need to have a website or a blog of your own, then Originless can help. Serverless architecture means that the entire website is run without any server, instead the client-server communication happens between a JavaScript application and a publish/subscribe system. For example, let's say you're creating a Pinterest gallery - your webpage will talk to a JavaScript application via an websocket. When you browse the gallery you'll be subscribed to the gallery's JavaScript application and whenever you click on an image you'll be taken to the source page where the image is located.

Sounds pretty complicated doesn't it. Well, it's not actually, once you start to learn JavaScript you'll understand why it's called that. Basically when you write a JavaScript application, you have the ability to express what ever program you want by just creating simple functions. For example if you wanted to create a search engine you'd create a function that returns search results. When you get a result from the search engine JavaScript code you just return it, without the brackets. That's all the function of a JavaScript application.

Originless is a Javascript library that simplifies writing Javascript applications. What's neat about Originless is that it makes writing JavaScript a very easy task. The reason why I like Originless so much is because it makes writing an application very easy. When I first started working on a project with Originless I was able to implement a few very useful features that made life much easier for me. For example, if I needed to find out how many friends were on my Facebook wall I just access my Javascript code, find out how many friends are on my friends list and then simply access my Javascript code again to check my Facebook wall.

Another cool feature of Originless is that there is no serverless architecture. Basically everything written in JavaScript is written as an arbitrary code. So when you connect to a server there will be a server response, and when you send a request to that server your request will be transformed into an arbitrary code and sent back to you. Well the nice thing about serverless architecture is that you don't have to deal with any servers; everything is kept on the client side which makes things extremely simple.

One of the key benefits that I like about Originless is that it's a very fast and straightforward way to create services. One nice feature that the fastalyx service offers is that there is no need for a web server, all of your requests go straight to the browser. This is great if you're doing microservices where each request could potentially be hundreds per second. Also another great benefit is that the fastalyx service is written in JavaScript so you don't have to worry about anything else. All you basically need is the Originless framework along with a fast internet connection and Originless fast start bundle to get started.

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