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Escape the apocalypse. 2020/7/15 116 min.


One of the best-known movies from the Korean film industry, Train to Busan presents: The Epic Story of Our Youth. A movie about a young man from Seoul who is sent to a strange land of full of dreams by his family. This Korean film has been quite popular in Korea and even beyond, since its release in 2020.

The film is the fourth part of the Journey to the West (Journey to the Orient) series. A series which is also popular in the United States as it is now known. The story begins in 16th century China when Zen master and Confucian scholar, Penin (Kim Hyun Joong), travel to Korea to deliver a message to his son. Penin's wife also goes with him and both of them are separated by the dragon.

After traveling far across the world, Penin makes a journey to the barren lands of North Korea where he meets a monk and then enters into a powerful monk named Subh. The two make a promise together to bring Zen master Linjin (Jeong Won) back to Korea so that he can teach the country's monks to follow the teachings of their own religion. But, the two find that Linjin is living in the wrong place and is also being hunted by the imperial officials of the ruler of North Korea (Ha) and his son who wants to gain power through the Confucian religion.

The series follows the monks as they travel from place to place and learning from the legendary Zen masters, who are being persecuted by the rulers of the time. This plot line will keep you busy throughout the series and it is one of the reasons why the story of the Journey to the West is still popular today. However, in the first part of the Journey to the West, the monks are on their way to a peaceful life of study and they will find that the land they are traveling to is full of adventure and danger.

The action of the first part of the Journey to the West is also another reason why it is one of the most well-known Korean movies from the Journey to the West series. The scenes of the filmmakers during the shooting of the movie are completely shot in still photographs to help maintain the same aspect, yet give the shots a much more distinct feeling than in other movies from the series. Since the actors all have their own personalities, it also helps the audience easily identify with them.

The Korean drama series is based on a series of novels written by George Byeong-Cheol. When the novel was released, it was very controversial at first as it was considered too supernatural and that there were too many supernatural elements to the story. However, after more people read the book, it gained popularity and became a well-known literary work and the rest is history.

Another factor why the Journey to the West saga is popular even today is that it is one of the few dramas that can be seen on television today, not to mention the wide variety of topics that it covers. This is very common with Korean dramas and this can also be attributed to the actor Kim Hyun Joong's charisma. He plays a very important role in the story and acts like the great authority figure of the series as he has all the resources of a great writer on his shoulders.

Some of the most popular characters from the Journey to the West saga include the three sisters, Jin, Ri and Do (all played by Park Bo Young), the respected mentor Jang Sung-Jin (played by Kang Dong Min), who is a very good teacher to Penin (Joon Hye Jung), the sadistic military leader Bo Tai, the young master Zen Joon-Seok (played by Choi Min-Sik), and then the disciple for the Confucian religion, Linjin (Jeong Won). The three sisters and Zen are the ones responsible for bringing the noble monks to be taught the true teachings of the religion, while Linjin teaches the young men in the art of war. Another important character is called Cheonwang (played by Lee Yong-Jae), the mischievous child from the cold region.

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