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2020/8/14 84 min.


When you are looking for an exciting film that is full of excitement and action, look no further than the new movie Ravage. The film stars Christian Bale as a young man who is trying to find his identity and get his life back on track, when he accidentally becomes involved in the mafia war between the Italians and the Russian Mafia.

Bale is so good in the role of a young man named Billy Zane. He seems like a good guy and very caring. Bale is the leading man that people are looking for. The movie shows that Billy has the ability to do many things but does not know where his talents lie.

The other actor that is very impressive is Robert De Niro as Frank Saviano. He is a very powerful man with an iron heart that has made him a formidable opponent when he is in the business of fighting the Mafia.

When the mafia war hits the Italian streets, Billy runs into a gangster named Salvatore that threatens his life. Billy soon learns that Salvatore wants to be in control of the Italian mafia but is afraid that he will be killed by his own brother. After getting to know Salvatore, it seems that Billy is the one that is going to win the battle.

The Russian mafia is not as weak as the Italian mafia. The Russians are a very powerful mafia that is a big threat for both the Italian mafia and Billy. In fact, the Russian mafia has been around since the 1800s and it has become a very powerful mafia that controls everything in their area. The Russian mafia is now coming to America to recruit Americans in order to have the power they need to rule the whole world. Billy realizes that he must get out of this mess if he wants to live.

Sarah Fox is another excellent actress that plays a pivotal role in the movie. She is known for her roles in other popular movies like Taken and many more. Sarah Fox is a great actress and is one of the best leading ladies that Hollywood has ever known.

Another important actor that plays a vital role in the movie is Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro is known for his many acting skills and this includes roles in movies such as Goodfellas, Good Night and Sleep Tight. One of the major reasons why Robert De Niro is an important actor is because he is known for his amazing acting skills.

Most of the action in the movie comes from the Italian Mafia war between Billy Zane and Salvatore. After a lot of fighting, the Italian mafia ends up winning the battle and the whole mafia war takes place. This is a very interesting part of the movie and is a nice way to learn about the mafia. Italian mafia wars and how the different parts of the mafia have come together to make a successful organization.

The movie is a very well-written and directed movie. It was really great to see Christian Bale, Robert De Niro, and Sarah Fox acting their best in a movie like this. It is a very exciting movie.

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