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Robot Riot (2020)

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The battle has begun. 2020/12/23 79 min.


Robot Riot is a new video game developed by the award winning studio Double Helix Games, and features the award-winning concept of "Survival". The game is an action/adventure game that takes place in a devastated post-apocalyptic society where humans have been forced to live in underground settlements. Humans are forced to coexist with machines known as Cyborgs, who can survive only in the presence of humans. In order to survive and protect themselves, humans band together in teams to battle giant robotic enemies controlled by an extremely insane Army General in a desolate city.

Unlike most video games, Robot Riot has a story that you can actually follow. This is an amazing feature in a video game, since it gives the player the sense that they actually have some control over what is happening to them. They don't just wake up one day and find that they are the only ones left alive on the world they once called home. While there is a sense of loss involved, the fact is that the players are the ones driving the story, which can create a bit of tension in the game's environments.

Robot Riot does not feature any large scale, open areas like previous games in the series, but instead consists of a large underground base, which serves as your starting point in the game. In order to unlock more parts of the game, players will need to build up their team with enough members to beat the game. If they are able to clear the game, then they will be awarded a prize.

While it does take a while for players to become familiar with the different mechanics of the game, once they understand the basics, the game is very intuitive and easy to understand. The game's controls are simple and straightforward, requiring little if any coordination skills from the player. This also means that the game will not be too difficult for the new player to handle, and that the average player will be able to get through the first half hour or so without any problems. It would be wise, however, for new players to invest in a guide or tutorial so that they can learn the game's mechanics better.

The graphics are also surprisingly good. Robot Riot features some of the best graphics I've seen in a video game since Portal. The environments of the game are incredibly detailed and rich, and even during cut scenes, the environment looks like it could really exist in real life. The character models themselves are also quite good looking, with each character having his or her own unique appearance.

Overall, Robot Riot is an excellent game that provides a variety of entertainment for those willing to play it. There are plenty of different levels to tackle, including a short tutorial level, a lengthy training level, and even a few different endings. The multiplayer features are exciting, as well, and provide players with the ability to play with friends online or compete against bots. All in all, Robot Riot is an excellent game that I am very pleased with.

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