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Rose Island (2020)

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2020/12/9 120 min.


Directed by Sydney Sibilia, the upcoming 'The Incredible Spider-Man' movie is going to be released in theaters in June 2020. From screenwriter Sydney Sibilia, the project is based on the famous tale of young Peter Parker, who after being bitten by a spider's web, finds himself in an alternate version of Peter Parker's world. The story centers on the high schooler trying to deal with being bitten while trying to deal with his teen angst. From there, Sydney Sibilia takes readers into the dangerous career of a Oscorp scientist, Dr. Curt Connor, who is obsessed with creating spiders that are half human and half spider.

The story begins in the swamps and marshes of New York City. There, two unlikely heroes find themselves in a battle for survival as a local vicious fish attacks their boat, and a watchman's daughter are kidnapped. In the meantime, a crazy jeweler makes a deal with a jeweler to deliver a piece of a legendary gem called the "Box of Flinchards," but before the jeweler can deliver the gem, he gets hit by a bus. These two unlikely heroes then find themselves stranded on a strange island named Rose Island, where they encounter a vicious cyclone, a vicious predator, strange survivors, and many other interesting natives.

The plot for the movie has many similarities to that of the comic book story. However, instead of the Marvel Comic's Spider-Man dealing with Electro, this movie will feature another Queens native, Newton Ritter. In the comic book, Spider-Man deals with Electro, a villain obsessed with death and hurting innocent civilians. It is unknown if any actors have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements in preparation for this film, however it is highly likely. It also may be wise to make sure that your IP is allowed to be shown on the movie platform before you invest a large sum of money into a project.

One interesting fact about the movie is the mention of a full movie and series of movies that could have been made in the future if the island was actually real. While Rose Island is set in New York City, it is possible that the island could be in fact the filming of a movie or series of movies and TV shows in the future. This would make sense, considering how popular the island is and how many people visit the city each year. If it were a stand-alone movie, you would most likely be able to find and watch online, but if a production company was hired to film a series of episodes, then you would not be able to watch the episodes online.

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Original title L'incredibile storia dell'isola delle rose
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