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In a shark no one can hear you scream 2020/10/7 90 min.


As one of the funniest movie sequences you will ever have the pleasure of watching in 2021, Sky Sharks has an element of silliness that makes it worth watching with friends. The story and acting are every bit as ridiculous as the special effects that are put to use. If you have ever seen the movie Shark Night, then you know what is to expect in this movie, but added to this are elements that make this one of the best action-comedies of the year. Sky Sharks delivers the goods in all areas.

A spoof on the Japanese anime series, this movie features a group of young Japanese men who engage in strange activities after one of them sees a giant whale flying through the screen in a storm. With the help of some local ladies (particularly the powerful cyborg) the group of misfits set off to capture the monster for the ultimate prize. Sky Sharks is a hilarious mix of kung fu, martial arts, and a bit of porno thrown into the mix for good measure. Sky Sharks manages to stay true to its source material while at the same time poking fun at things like Japanese culture and gender roles. A fun movie that will make movie lovers laugh and at the same time teach them something.

No list of comedies would be complete without listing another one of the best that 2021 has had to offer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Starring Macaulay Culkin, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has managed to earn itself a decent number of awards including an Academy Award for Best Picture. While it is considered one of the funniest films of the year, one thing that really elevates It's Always Sunny to a level of prestige is the outstanding voice work that has been done by Danny McPherson. One of the main characters, Dennis Hopper, always seems to have the most quotable lines. It just makes the movie.

Another movie worth mentioning on this list is Kill Bill: Volume 1. First introduced in 2021, this is the prequel to the popular Kill Bill franchise. As with the first film, the hero, a rich Chinese businessman, has been kidnapped by the Bride, a wealthy Japanese assassin. The movie chronicles the adventure of the rescue through the virtual world, as the hero must navigate through the net of virtual battles to save his life.

One of the most bizarre movies of the year was A Bug's Life, which is based on a book. Andy Kindler plays the role of the exterminator, who deals with a variety of pests. The movie had some good buzz online leading to a record number of rentals. One thing that kind of hurt the movie was when kindler went on to play the same role in the disastrous Man on the Moon. The reviews were mixed but the movie was a box office hit. Expect a second installment of A Bug's Life soon.

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