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Sleeping with Danger (2020)

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2020/8/1 88 min.


"Sleeping With Danger" is a 2020 film starring Anna Kournikova as the title character. Russian flight attendant Kate Jewell has to go into exile after her romantic partner suddenly becomes violent and jealous. A secret agent named Alexi acts as her traveling guide, and together they travel across the country. Along the way, Kate and Alex encounter a series of dangerous scenes, including a plane crash that leaves them severely injured and without means of transportation. When they finally reach their destination - a small village on the Volga River - Kate discovers that she has been chosen as a leader of the village's defense force.

It is hard to tell whether or not Sleeping with Danger is based on true events. The movie's director, Anatoly Chizhikov, makes all of the bold claims about his film on his website, including the claim that the film depicts what happened to Kate and Alex after they are separated from each other during a plane crash. However, it is entirely possible that the real events in the film could be completely different, and that what the director portrays may simply be an extension of what really happened. Regardless of which version of the story you believe to be true, you will likely enjoy Sleeping with Danger.

Based on true events, this dark comedy about a woman who must deal with the danger of finding romance while also protecting her own life from a serial killer makes for a fun and engaging movie. Anna Kournikova provides the acting duties in the role of Kate, while Chris Evans provides the voice of Alexi, the Russian agent who finds himself in danger as well. The movie was directed by Adam McKay and produced by Disney studios.

Another movie on the list is "The Night Before," a dark comedy about a woman (played by Jennifer Aniston) who must plan an elaborate getaway in order to stop her latest murder, while simultaneously trying to cover her accidental engagement. The Night Before telling the story of a woman (Aniston) who is hired by a wealthy real estate developer to murder her new boyfriend so she can steal his fortune. Although the plot sounds like it would be easy for anyone to complete, Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars provide enough hilarity to make the story one of the year's best films.

This sleeper comedy follows the life of a woman (Aniston) who becomes suspicious when her best friend (Kirsten Dunst) decides to sleep with a man she met in jail. With the help of a hired hitman (Kevin Dunn), Kate tries to follow her friend to a hotel where she is killed by the hitman, hiding the body in a rug. Although the movie isn't as funny as its predecessor "The Night Before," it is still a good, light-hearted comedy that will make the morning commute a little more pleasant. In fact, people on planes probably don't mind seeing a woman having a pillow fight while waiting for her plane to take off, especially if the woman has a good sense of humor.

Based on the highly acclaimed book by Eric Larson," Sleeping with Danger" is a fantastic suspense thriller that will keep you turning the television up several times during the movie's many long scenes. As soon as I saw the movie, I was eager to find out what happened to Kate, as well as how Kate came to know about the crime her friend is involved with and exactly why she thinks the rich guy she's staying with is abusive. While the movie didn't have me laughing, it kept my attention through the entire movie, so it wasn't a disappointment. Instead, it made me excited to find out what happens next in this steamy, romantic tale.

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