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The greatest punishment imaginable. 2020/8/31 89 min.


Solitary art includes the painting, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and the writing of one person. In other words, a solitary artist is someone who lives alone and works in solitude. Solitary art also plays a role in many other sects, groups, and communities across a wide range of religions. Solitary art is an expression of personal freedom and artistic independence.

There are many definitions and examples of what being solitary really means. To some people, being solitary is not necessarily the lack of companionship, but maybe more like the lack of company and human interaction. To others, being solitary is more like living in a cave with no one else around to disturb your peace of mind. Solitary artists can be as creative and as solitary as anyone else can be.

Solitary artists may have different definitions of solitude, but the one that resonates with most of them is solitude. As an artist, you may be one who prefers to create in solitude. You may also prefer to be the only person in your art group or studio. Whatever your preferred definition of solitude is, it is important to recognize that solitude can have many benefits. Here are four benefits of being a solitary artist.

Self-Sight: Being a solitary artist can also mean that you are not dependent on other people's opinions of you. When you are alone and you are creating, you are able to see your work from a clear perspective, which is often difficult for an artist who needs the approval of others in order to continue making progress. When you are not surrounded by people, it is easy to become aware of small errors or problems in the composition.

Connection With Surroundings: In some ways, artists who are not solitary confinement may not find it as difficult to relate to their own art as those who are. This is because, in solitary confinement, you have no one to talk to. But once you are in a group, you can listen to other people's advice, critiques, and opinions about your work. If you do not pay attention to their comments, you may miss an opportunity to improve on the aspects of your art that you are unable to change yourself. You can learn from other artists' mistakes and take the tips they offer to make your work as good as it can possibly be.

Solitude: Even if you are not lonely by nature, being alone can cause one to feel lonely. When you walk alone in the park, you may feel serene and peaceful. Some people even walk alone to work for the first time, only to be overcome with stress and feelings of loneliness. Loneliness is one of the top reasons people join social groups. A solitary walk can help to relieve any feelings of loneliness you may have.

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