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Spenser Confidential (2020)

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The law has limits. They don't. 2020/3/6 110 min.


This new SpongeBob movie is called The Spenser Confidential. The book and the movie were both written by Kevin Eastman. Spenser is named after a famous English Minister, who had a green hobby for collecting butterflies. The character was then changed to the title because the Minister thought that 'Sponge' was quite easy to spell.

This story comes from the SpongeBob episode entitled "Pilot" from the first SpongeBob television show. It is a one-off story and it is seen as a spin off from the rest of the series. The plot is about how the Krusty Krab owner SpongeBob accidentally spills a glass of what he thinks is oil, and it turns out to be a frog's egg.

The first miracle of the movie comes about when SpongeBob spills the egg into a bowl of water and sees a baby Squidward singing. This becomes the baby's voice and he starts to sing and tells his father about his song. The miracle is then caused when Squidward hears this voice from the baby and becomes very excited and wants to be able to sing like a baby.

One of the first miracles that SpongeBob did not expect was when Squidward started to sing, and he is so happy to be singing and gets even more excited as he sings. In the beginning, most people thought that it would just be a plain tune, but eventually the tune became a hit and the singer were going to be a well-known star in the coming days. Soon, this song became hugely popular and many people listened to it over again. SpongeBob was very happy with his success, because he would now be a famous superstar in this world.

The second miracle of the movie is that he finds a way to start his own band. Now, if you are wondering why this would happen, it is because the first miracle was when Squidwardsang. After that, there was a period of time where SpongeBob went on without Squidward's help, and he had no means to produce music. This is when he starts to get a new friend called Mr. Krabs, who makes music on his own. Now he is able to produce his own music and has his own band.

The third miracle of the movie that I found most interesting is when SpongeBob uses his miracle to help SpongeBob. This is the miracle that SpongeBob uses it to help out SpongeBob by giving him a job in the Krusty Krab. He is still worried that Mr. Krabs will think that he stole Squidward's idea and ask for a bribe. However, it is obvious that Mr. Krabs did not do this, because the first miracle was when he heard Squidward singing.

The fourth miracle of the movie is when Squidward is about to make Squidward an entrance into the band. He is always complaining about his band and how it never gets any gigs and he feels that the band only gets bad reviews. He does some research to see how Squidward has developed the band and how he could help him. This was at the time when his musical talent came out in a major way.

The fifth miracle is when SpongeBob ends up saving Squidward's career. He helped Squidward get a gig at the Krusty Krab by telling Mr. Krabs that Squidward needs to have his employee registration form approved. This will be necessary to work there, because the manager is too busy to work Squidward's band. This is the most important miracle of the movie.

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