Survive the Night
Survive the Night (2020)

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2020/7/9 89 min.


The movie series 'Serie Nove Contorno' was created by Mario Bava. He was an Italian great film director who introduced the world to horror films that is known today. This article is an informative review of the movie 'Survive the Night' (1977).

The story revolves around a book published in 1985 that claims to be a novel about the last book written by a writer named Don Tocco (which is an Italian term that translates to Tocco's Novella). The novel in the book is actually an autobiography. 'Survive the Night' begins with a brief synopsis of the author and his life. His family including his wife and their four children live in Milan, Italy.

Don Tocco is a writer who has completed three novels that were published in Italy before he went into the industry of writing serie. Don Tocco worked on his third novel, which would eventually become the fourth serie. His wife, Elena Fuccini is a historian and author of the Serie series.

The novels don't work as the story progresses because Elena also has her work to do when it comes to finishing her books. Elena always expects Don Tocco to complete the fourth serie.

Elena sees Tocco as her husband and doesn't realize that he has gone into the business of writing serie. Elena's surprise and happiness when she finds out that Don Tocco will be the one to finish his last book brings about a few changes in her own life. Elena wants Don Tocco to work harder to finish the book so she can finally read the book that he has been working on.

Elena doesn't work as hard as Don Tocco to finish the book that he has been working on because she doesn't have any support or encouragement from Elena's mother or father. Elena realizes that she needs to go back to school to get a degree in English.

Don Tocco continues his serie by completing the fifth serie and then starts to write the last serie that is called Survive the Night. In Survive the Night, Don Tocco gets married to a woman named Marcella Bava (who happens to be Elena's daughter) and soon, Don Tocco moves to their new home, Madeira.

Elena finishes her book and wants to read it while she's still alive because she's not going to finish her books while she is still alive. So Don Tocco decides to do some research for the final serie which involves traveling to another city, visiting another hotel room and staying with a man named Dr. Todero (whom Don Tocco met on a bus).

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