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2020/7/10 135 min.


As the title suggests, "Othello" is a complicated play to understand because its character of Iago makes things so confusing. However, as this theater play makes you confused, it makes it fun and interesting to watch. In "Othello", Desdemona has been seduced by Othello who has promised to marry her.

Othello was jealous that he could not get Desdemona, which is what drives him to meet with the ghost of Cassio in order to kill him. This ghost only wants to do one thing: kill Othello and be the new Lord of Iago's life. Before the audience and the rest of the actors in the play can figure out what is going on, they have the chance to enjoy a long string of magic numbers as one by one, the characters enter into their scenes.

The suspense and the game's pace are constantly varied and fast-paced. If you like suspenseful theater, then you will surely love this movie. The tension and the plot is enjoyable, especially when you are waiting for your favorite character to enter their scenes.

Also, the unique setting in the court of Cassio is very nice. The stage is set in a library, where they perform the magic numbers by reciting lines from their part of the play. It is set on the court of Cassio who always receives a witch as his queen. The witches are very powerful in this movie.

Most movies made by New York Stage are a lot slower compared to most serie. "Othello" though is in a level of Seria in comparison to other theater plays. However, the action and the drama never stops at all as you wait for your favorite character to enter their scenes.

The acting talent in "Othello" is also amazing. Many acting directors try to mimic Othello's acting style by copy his style of addressing some of the characters, especially Cassio. You can really feel how they act when they are on stage.

Another good thing about the play is that it is about a popular person who is infamous in the world of stage acting. The cast members in this play also is very experienced. They do a great job during their performances.

"Othello" is a great example of the stage play seria. It is a very entertaining and an interesting play to watch and learn from. The cast of "Othello" is full of talented actors and actresses who perform their roles quite well.

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