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"The 2nd Law" by Philip K Dick is a science fiction novel written in the near future. It is a futuristic book, with an emphasis on the technological aspects of society and science. It is not very much concerned with the politics, the world-wide-conspiracies and the religious issues. Instead, it focuses more on the futuristic science that can give mankind the edge over other civilizations.

The book focuses on Earth, which has been devastated by an asteroid which lands on the planet Earth. The debris that falls from the asteroid causes the planet to become highly acidic, so that any living matter (such as plants) are quickly killed. The planet becomes inhabitable, and humanity lives in caves.

Since the book is set in the future, man's knowledge is limited by the lack of technology. He does not have access to advanced weapons, so he needs to rely on his knowledge of technology, and his ability to think on his feet and improvise solutions for any situations that might arise. As such, he is the only hope for humans.

But man is an unpredictable animal. He can do anything that comes into his head, even commit suicide or murder. Because of this, the aliens come to invade the planet and begin terraforming and conquering the humans.

This, in a nutshell, is what makes "The 2nd Law" so popular with readers, especially the young ones. Because the author presents the alien race as being benign and even helpful, they are portrayed in a way that is not necessarily evil. They don't try to force the humans into slavery, nor do they kill them. They don't steal anything from the humans, and instead, they just help them out of a need, and then offer to take them to their home planet.

This, in a nutshell, is a good thing for people who are against all kinds of religious and political agendas. There is no need for them to be religious or to go for wars and other conflicts, for example. But they also don't have to be afraid of people from other countries, because they believe in peace. The book is a great way to educate ourselves about the future, and also a way to see how things might look like if we can really change the way things are done in the future.

I personally think that the author might be a little bit ahead of his time, as the future people of the future might be very different from our present day world. I would not necessarily want to live there, because it would be quite depressing. However, I am glad that I was able to read this book, as I am convinced that it has a lot of things to teach us.

Overall, the author has created a masterpiece, which will appeal to all ages and genders. It is an exciting, thought provoking, and thought provoking book. I recommend it to everyone.

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