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2020/10/2 93 min.


'The Binding' by Stephen King is a book that I always end up recommending to friends, family and coworkers as a must read. 'The Binding' is a tremendous, magical, fantastic, all consuming novel of this type which only comes around when in a blue moon.' It is a call to arms that he is desperately desperate to escape and drawn towards it.

King has created a world that is full of magic and wonder. He has captured the essence of these aspects into the story of 'The Binding' where the characters are more like mythical creatures and the reader finds himself trapped within this world with a purpose to escape. In doing so he gets to relive his own youth and is inspired by his experiences that he is able to write such amazing stories.

One of the most interesting aspects about 'The Binding' is its main character, Henry. Henry is just a normal person who is trying to get by in his life and make ends meet. He lives in a run down home that is full of dirt, garbage and other things that are unkempt and unorganized. Henry's mother is in poor health and often cannot take care of him in her current state of health. It is through the use of a friend of his that Henry is introduced to the world of magic, a world that has been a source of great power to people throughout history.

Magic is a force of life in 'The Binding'. It is said that every time a person learns to read as they learn how to use the magic of this world. The only thing standing between them and true magic is a book. So, what is it about the world of magic that gives Henry the inspiration to keep writing? Is it that people who can use magic are revered and respected as they know what they are doing? There are several questions that keep haunting Henry throughout the course of the novel. He constantly ponders his reasons for writing, why he writes and whether or not he actually knows what he's doing.

There are a few other things that are mentioned about magic as well. The existence of a supernatural element to the world and its relation to magic is touched on as well. The connection between a person and his or her destiny is touched upon too. There are also references to other worlds and dimensions. As the story progresses the reader will find that there are several other elements that are also present in this story but as a whole it is all centered around Henry's life, the story of Henry the magician and his quest to escape the world that he finds himself stuck in.

A book about magic and the power of its elements is certainly a must read. The Binding is a tale that will have you glued to your chair and wanting to turn the pages. There is no doubt that this is a story that will inspire you. as long as you're reading!

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