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The Craft: Legacy (2020)

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Let the ritual begin 2020/10/28 94 min.


The Craft: Legacy is a web series made by the same people who brought you the hugely popular The Craft: Hardscrabble video game. Hardscrabble is another online game from the same creator, who also created and hosted the very popular The Longest Journey game series. The game in The Craft: Legacy is quite similar to the others - an adventurous and funny quest to build a cabin, train, boat or anything else you might want with lots of quests and exploration. The difference with The Craft: Legacy, though, is that it takes place in real-time. There are some quests in the game that are literally live in the game, meaning you have to solve puzzles and go through obstacles while trying to complete your goal.

So what makes this game so special? The answer lies in the way the game designers have designed its online features. The crafting system of the game is something that you will not find in any other online video game: the crafting menu allows you to gather resources and materials needed for the construction of a variety of structures, from buildings and houses to bridges and monuments. The result is that your choices will have significant effects on the success of your efforts. For example, you can choose to build a small log cabin with just a few basic items or you can build a grand temple complete with multiple services and amenities.

The crafting system is also very similar to that of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, The Secret, which is also developed by the same team. In The Craft: Legacy, you can choose to be an architect, a sculptor, a farmer, a blacksmith or an engineer. Each of these has their own specific skills, and they are reflected in how they are crafted.

Other than the crafting system, the game also includes a large number of challenges. And not only do these challenges need skill, but also luck as well. You will occasionally see an online flash game that requires you to throw something (the object doesn't necessarily have to be a physical object) into a specified hole and watch it spin around the center of the screen in a certain pattern. If you succeed, you get a point; if you fail, you lose a point. There are also other similar games that you can try, each one providing a different challenge and a different way to score.

The game play is also very varied. It is possible, for example, to play The Craft: Legacy as a farming game. In this setup, players plant crops, harvest them and then sell the fruits and vegetables at the market. At the same time, they can also try to survive a variety of natural disasters and attacks by monsters. However, be careful as your crops may become spoiled if they are left to go to waste. The game also allows players to make use of mining, spinning wheels and other tools that can help them survive.

The game is quite different from other online flash games that feature puzzle-solving or card-based strategy games. The crafting mini-game provides an interactive way for players to put the knowledge they have gained about the various aspects of the game to practical use. It is possible, for example, for players to create potions and armours with the help of the crafting skill they have gained throughout the game play.

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