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Be careful who you trust. 2020/10/1 97 min.


When The Doorman was released in theaters, there were a lot of complaints made about the quality of the picture and sound. Some even said that the actors in the film were having bad acting skills and were playing out roles. However, the film did well with critics and it has gone on to become one of the best films of 2020.

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The story of The Doorman follows a man named Alfred (Dustin Hoffman) who lives in a high-rise apartment building, but instead of having a Doorman, he has a very strange visitor called Frank (John Cazale). Frank is the owner of an Italian restaurant, where The Doorman is supposed to work in. Frank is actually a robot designed by his father to serve as a guard, but unfortunately he's programmed to be able to speak.

After The Doorman is activated by Frank, he comes and sits in the restaurant waiting for his turn to speak. After some time, Frank realizes that this is not a normal customer and tries to take the order for him to come back to his restaurant, but The Doorman refuses. He then tells Frank that if he wants to be in business, he would have to let his guard down. When Frank goes back home and talks to the manager of the restaurant, he learns that he doesn't need to be a robot anymore.

The Doorman was directed by Harmony Korine, who is known for such films as Spring Breakers and Get Rich Quick, and was actually an Oscar nominee for Best Original Screenplay. With an impressive cast that included John Cazale, John Tutturisio, and Dustin Hoffman, The Doorman has a lot to offer viewers.

With its incredible plot and impressive performances, The Doorman is definitely worth watching. It is now available on DVD for sale online.

There are many movies released by Harmony Korine's film company, Hollywood Records, but none can compare to The Doorman in terms of quality and popularity. It was the first movie from the studio, and also the first film from a studio that didn't produce their own movies. However, many movie buffs are saying that the success of the film could be attributed to the fact that it had a well-written screenplay. This is probably the reason why many people think it is an amazing film. as, well.

The movie's success has led to a sequel, The Doorman 2: The Legend Continues, which was released in 2020, which is directed by Wes Anderson and stars Brad Pitt. Both The Doorman films are good movies, and they are worth watching for your entertainment value. Don't miss out on these two if you haven't already seen them!

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