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The Grudge (2020)

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2020/1/2 93 min.


Movie "The Grudge" is an example of a drama series that depicts a difficult situation in the society. The story starts when a young girl becomes the victim of sexual violence and to deal with this problem, she needs the assistance of an elite group of detectives. The main protagonist of the movie was played by Suki Waterhouse, while the supporting characters were played by the likes of Emma Thompson, Eric Bana, and David Warner.

The plot of the movie starts with the murder of the child, who is the lead character in the movie, at the beginning of the Scarlet Day in 2020. The other people in the group include Keith Brown (Samuel L. Jackson), Rose (Colin Firth), Joe (Jim Beaver), and Alice (Scarlett Johansson). The members of the group used to be lovers, but after the incident of Scarlet Day, they went out to get revenge.

After the death of the young girl, a young boy and his friend went out to look for her killer, and they came across the kid who was one of the witnesses to Scarlet Day. The main man of the group asked him to accompany them to search for the killer. He refused and ran away, leaving the other two.

Meanwhile, Alice and Scarlett were able to rescue the girl named Scarlet, who was being held captive by a gang of teenagers, and soon, they arrested the gang members. However, they were not able to recover Scarlet, and the other one of the members ran away with the money they found on her. After taking care of this situation, the group went back to the police headquarters and told them about the disappearance of Scarlet.

The group searched for Scarlet's car, which was stolen by the teenager, and it turned out that it was filled with money, an iPhone, and some pills. They tracked down the teenager and found out that he was working as a police informant. However, this did not make them any less suspicious because they heard from the guy that Scarlet's disappearance was caused by some kind of a curse.

The gang quickly set up a plan to get revenge, and they planned to create a curse for the boy. The group needed to go to a pub to find an occult book containing a symbol called "The Grudge". However, the ritual that they are going to do will use some dark magic, so they decided to plan another course of action in order to avoid any risk.

The group decided to leave the pub alone, since the pub owner was also a member of the police. Meanwhile, the group is about to get into their cars, when the police enter the pub and trap them. After they are detained, the police offer them to go back to their base, where they will be taken care of.

The group decided to take the gun of the policeman and escape, while the police soon catch up to them. Eventually, they got the idea to stop their car, but they wanted to have the opportunity to take out the guard, but they were unsuccessful. Once they reached the base, they were put in a jail cell, where they were confronted by the men who were working as the director of the prison.

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