The Half of It
The Half of It (2020)

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A different kind of love story. 2020/5/1 104 min.


There are six movies in the "The Half of It" serie. The names of the movies are: "The Indian," "The Serpent," "The Pot," "The Scorpion," "The Princess and the Panther"The Power and the Glory." It is a film that revolves around the love life of both the male and female characters and the main character of course.

The Melodramatic Nature of the Film: The film starts off with a very serious scene at the beginning where one of the characters is asked if he/she has anything to drink. He/she tells him that they have only ice cream for him and when he gets up to go, a very drunk man runs in and gives him a lot of space. This scene is very apparent and gives the viewers a sense of seriousness.

The Wedding of the Girl's Uncle and the Breaking of the Heart of His Family: In the second episode of the film, one of the female characters breaks up with her boyfriend. She decides to make out with him and beg him to come back to her. She breaks his jaw and his nose and this scene is very violent. The brutality of the scene makes it extremely enjoyable and one will never forget it.

A Family's Trouble In Trying To Escape The Tyrant's Lair: In the third episode, two female characters find themselves trapped in a jungle and find themselves in great danger. The violence used here is not a light violence but a dark violence.

The Girl's Encounter With the African Vampire: In the last episode, the girl finds herself in a women's prison with two other girls. She is guarded and forced to do all kinds of things that she does not want to do. These acts are portrayed with great brutality and the girls are punished heavily.

As the Actress Describes It: The Violence in the film is very subtle but very powerful. The scenes where the characters have to fight each other is all so real and believable. The scenes where the females were forced to do all sorts of things was even more realistic than the violence of the scene itself.

The Half of It has been reviewed in newspapers and magazines all over the world and it has become one of the most popular films on the net. One can read a review about it on a famous internet site such as The Onion, which has millions of visitors per day and has earned its name as one of the world's best satirical websites.

As there are many critics and reviewers who have reviewed the film on different websites and reviews on many well-known website, it has become an icon in the net and one of the most watched and respected movies ever made. It has also been screened in several film festivals throughout the world and has won many awards and nominations. The Half of It is now among the top 10 best selling movies of all time.

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