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The Insurrection (2020)

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2020/5/4 90 min.


The Insurrection is a television drama series which focuses on the story of two young musicians - a drummer and a trumpet player. The two musicians join forces to create a rock band with the intention of becoming successful in the music industry. This drama is quite popular among the viewers of this drama series.

The show begins with a school graduate, a fire breather who accidentally gets into the arms of a band master called James, a fine artist with whom he is good friends. After meeting him, the two boys declare that they are ready to make a career in the music industry and they come up with the name "The Insurrection". This name was borrowed from the painting by Vincent Van Gogh, "The Firemen's Bells". Soon, they both begin planning for their careers.

One of the first things that the boys decide to do is to write an album of their own. They are able to get some good recordings of themselves on the internet and they also get some good clients. When they look for recording studios in New York City, they fail to find a studio that can produce good quality recordings, so they move on to Birmingham, United Kingdom. They meet the manager of the studio there and they convince him to give them a chance to make their album. However, when the two leave the studio and tour the city, they are met by two members of another band, led by Dan, an old music agent who has worked with many celebrities.

After this event, The Insurrection realizes that they have to focus on their main goal, which is to become successful in the music industry. The Insurrection comes up with the name "Carnival" and with the help of their band mates, they produce an album for this band name. After releasing the album, The Insurrection record their songs and make a great deal of money for themselves. The Carnival becomes famous as a top-rate band.

Unfortunately, a member of the Carnival dies, leaving his mother to be the only one left standing. She leaves the Carnivals to the band mates and The Insurrection and they both take on other roles. The Insurrection's drummer Jason ends up living in Spain, while his band mate Dan moves to Texas. When The Insurrection comes back from their trip, they find out that their drummer, along with his friends, have died, making it difficult for The Insurrection to continue with their plans. They are forced to seek help from former Carnies, who they meet in a restaurant.

After The Insurrection gathers the help of former Carnies and they try to finish their album, they meet up with a drummer from Europe named Kevin, who they plan to work with. The band mates come up with a scheme to help Kevin to return to the United States. They catch a plane from London to Los Angeles and they meet a group of people, who are all trying to get back to their country. The Insurrection get involved in this scheme and they get back to their homeland.

After a few weeks, The Insurrection gets back to the United States and they meet up with Kevin and they get help from a photographer named Karyn, a member of the Allman Brothers Band. After this, The Insurrection starts to struggle with the fact that their song "Free Bird" is about an African American man who tried to integrate in his own town, but they are able to convince their management to change the title to "Blackbird" because Karyn thinks that the word "bird" is better to reflect their purpose. Eventually, they are able to find their way into the top 30 of the Billboard charts.

The Insurrection follows the life of musicians from the early days of the band and their struggles through American history. The actors in this drama have to act in different roles, which they normally fulfill in different eras. The series includes some songs which are quite popular in America and these songs are being played live during the live performances of the singers.

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