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What You Can't See Can Hurt You 2020/2/26 124 min.


Although they are very different from each other, The Invisible Man and A History of Violence have some things in common. In addition to the fact that both movies involve evil yet charismatic bad guys, they both use the same classic story format. The story is also similar but not identical in style and plot.

This movie tells the story of a secret agent named John Stryker. He uses his skills and knowledge to get even with the people that he was sent to investigate. Stryker's lover, Elizabeth (Mary MacFarlane), was one of the many victims of his revenge missions. His main nemesis is Sergeant Stryker, who has become a hit man, killing people who try to catch him. The movie also introduces John, the unnamed protagonist of the story.

In The Invisible Man, John uses a non-lethal weapon that he carries on his belt, a baton. It is a non-lethal weapon because it does not need to be pointed at the victim in order to kill them.

In A History of Violence, James Remar's character, Jackson Davenport, was a CIA agent. Although this film did not feature James' beloved wife as he was married, they are definitely portrayed in the film. The story also introduces Steve Stone (Jesse Bledel), a secret agent in the CIA.

The story in both films takes place in 1964, which is the height of the Cold War. Both of these films also include a character with multiple personalities. The difference is that A History of Violence uses a more straightforward psychological thriller.

Both movies involve two groups of criminals fighting each other. When they do battle, it is usually against members of other nations.

Themain difference between the two movies is the fact that the series in The Invisible Man is run by an evil organization while the series in A History of Violence is run by a malevolent criminal. John Stryker is an evil version of John Dillinger, but Stryker is not associated with anyone. In A History of Violence, it is implied that Stryker is working for a company called International Business Services. In The Invisible Man, it is clear that Stryker works for International Business Services but it is not clear who exactly is running the company.

Overall, these two movies share some elements, and a lot of similarities, including their main characters, settings, and a number of villains. The main difference between these two movies is the fact that The Invisible Man is an international thriller while A History of Violence is a thriller set in the United States.

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