The King of Staten Island
The King of Staten Island (2020)

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2020/7/22 137 min.


When it comes to movies that are making waves on the big screen, then The King of Staten Island is definitely in the top slot. This film has been making rounds on the scene since its debut, and is still fresh in everyone's minds. With a theme of racial profiling that is handled rather seriously, this movie is the perfect gateway to watching more of the great films from this franchise.

The first interesting part about the movie is the police profiling and identification system itself. Most people would tell you that it is not the type of character that works very well in real life. However, in The King of Staten Island, the first case that Officer Mendez (Corey Stoll) takes on is a driver whose car has a security alarm.

He is picked up by the authorities and sent to trial for theft after the driver of the car is pulled over by the authorities for speeding. As expected, the driver doesn't hold back when it comes to giving his side of the story. The officer finds the car he has just stopped and asks the driver if the alarm was removed from the car before it was stolen. After the driver responds no, the officer realizes that there is no reason to believe that the driver committed the crime he is being accused of.

The next case that he is assigned to is that of a man that the whole family has been accused of killing. This murder occurs in Staten Island and has also been targeted as a classic example of wrongful police profiling. Detective Gordon (Johnny Simmons) is assigned to the case and he gets it in to the same easy and fair way that Mendez did.

Both cases are also part of the latest episode of the series, The King of Staten Island. Unfortunately, the series is already finished, but fans of the movies might want to stay tuned into the latest episodes of the television series that come out each week. Not only is the show fun to watch, but the cast is actually pretty good. Many of the actors that play the cops of Staten Island in the movies are on the television show as well.

The casting of these people is really something to be admired. From Ben Kingsley to Adam Brody to Melissa Leo, these actors have never shied away from coming out on the screen in order to play their parts as well. Some of them are able to portray different types of personalities, but there is one thing that these people all have in common.

These are their roles as they are getting paid for them while playing in the series called The King of Staten Island. Sometimes these roles can even help them in getting roles that will be seen by the public in their respective fields. As the series continues, there is more that we can expect from these actors that play in this television series.

For the time being, fans of The King of Staten Island will have to stick with what the series has to offer in order to understand what these characters are like on the screen. This series may not be a best seller anymore, but it is still a popular one, and it is surely worth the price of admission.

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