The Last Thing He Wanted
The Last Thing He Wanted (2020)

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2020/2/14 116 min.


A movie series based on the writings of Neil Gaiman, The Last Legion was a very popular and critically acclaimed movie. The Last Legion was a funny, yet sometimes heartbreaking story of an orphaned prince who decided to take up arms against his father's army. Read on for the review of this film...

After the introduction of Enzo, a Prince, in the first book in the series, The Last Legion, it was clear that this was going to be a different type of story. It had a darker and more adult feel to it than the first two books. However, despite that fact, it was still very enjoyable and thought-provoking book for those who wanted something more than some dark humor.

The Last Legion was so well-written that, with the release of a prequel, The Last Exodus, many fans of the Serie of Neil Gaiman novels saw this as the perfect way to revisit the world and characters. Although this did require the series to go back several years, it is still a very strong story that the third book in the series, The Last Crusade, really complements.

The movie, after a short intro, takes place in 1939. Enzo and his friends are part of the Hungarian resistance during World War II. With help from his love Agatha, they go to fight in Warsaw and later the Elbe, but the Germans attack the city after the Russians to join the fighting.

Although the Nazis successfully destroy most of the resistance fighters, even taking over the castle where the Serie was founded, there are still a few brave souls left. Enzo himself gets captured and becomes a prisoner of war, only to be rescued by the Valkyries.

In order to save him, they send him back to the Isle of Ravens, where the Serie was founded. There he discovers that not all of the former members are dead and that they have become a new race, the Serpents. The rest of the resistance are now all hiding out in Budapest, where they gather all of their strength in order to defeat the Nazis once and for all.

The Last Crusade, unfortunately, only lasts a few hundred pages before the reader is forced to return to the main plot of the story. However, it is still an excellent read, because Gaiman gives us some of the most vivid characters in the whole series, such as the high-class Evelyn Delafield and the charming - and also very powerful - Serpent Morey.

After reading The Last Crusade, I can definitely say that The Last Legion was my favorite book in the series, although I still recommend that you start with the first book in the series first. This book was far better than the third book, The Last Crusade, and although it only lasted about 300 pages, it was still a very good story.

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