The Last Warrior: Root of Evil
The Last Warrior: Root of Evil (2020)

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2020/12/31 120 min.


The Last Warrior is a Russian film directed by Aleksei Khrenov (pronounced "khrengr") and starring Pavel Pobedat. The movie mainly features Pobedat's role as a young warrior who joins the enemy army in its conquest of the USA. The Last Warrior incorporates an intense display of martial arts, psychological and military suspense, as well as political machinations. The movie was originally intended to be shown in cinemas, but was later released theatrically in a long version (containing about two and a half hours of footage).

After the failure of the revolution in Russia, the remnants of the Bolsheviki were granted authority by the government of Alexander II. The new government was not interested in preserving the empire they had created, so they quickly turned their attention towards the USA. In order to gather as much Western resources as they could, they offered a position to Pavel Pobedat, a skilled American soldier who had deserted his post during the revolution and had joined the Bolsheviki. The movie begins with the American forces being attacked by a group of baluchis but are saved by a newly arrived Soviet soldier named Alexeyev.

After saving Alexiyev, the Americans are transported to another part of the world - in this case, the towering Tsarovski tower. The movie then jumps ahead several years, and we are introduced to Pavel Pobedat again. He has become a major general and has even reached the top position in the Russian army. Everything seems to be going smoothly until a group of baluchis break into the fortress of Smolensk and begin to attack the fortress gate. Alexiyev, who is presumed dead, sends a message to his father, telling him to send back the fortress to the Russians or they will wipe out the American soldiers and everyone in it.

As it turns out, Alexiyev has ordered the construction of a massive wall that will completely surround Smolensk, preventing any sort of access by westerners. With a group of soldiers only a few hundred strong, Alexiyev realizes he cannot get the job done without a massive weapons acquisition, one that will make him the most powerful general in Russia. Fortunately for Alexiyev, Pavel Pobedat, a.k.a. The Last Warrior, arrives in the Nick of time and helps him complete his mission.

As with the first film, The Last Warrior is shot in a remote environment with advanced special effects. The style of the movie is much like that of Russian soap opera, with interesting dialogues and great acting. Pavel Pobedat is absolutely fantastic as the cynical Russian General who serves as mentor to Alexiyev, but the movie is largely forgettable. The Last Warrior sequel doesn't get the same attention it deserves from either the Russian audience or the western viewers. The Last Warrior was released just as the first film came out, so it is unlikely it will receive any sort of sequel.

The Last Warrior, written by Anatoly Kornzhubov, is not a terrible movie, but its lack of follow through and general uninteresting nature make it a letdown for fans of the original The Last Warrior book series. Garik Khaledarov's writing has always been excellent, but The Last Warrior: Root of Evil is an easy read that will not leave any fans disappointed. Despite its poor plot and some dull performances, The Last Warrior is still a highly entertaining movie that would work well as a standalone feature. For those fans of the book who were not satisfied with the first film, this is definitely the one for you.

Original title Последний богатырь: Корень зла
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