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The Midnight Sky (2020)

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There's a universe between all of us. 2020/12/10 118 min.


The Midnight Sky is the latest movie from Andy Serrier. It's a classy science fiction movie that I really like. The story is about two teenage sisters, Rose and Dawn, who move into a new apartment. The neighbors are brutally murdered, and Rose and Dawn start to question everything.

The movie has received a fairly large following since it debuted online. Many of you have probably read at least a little about it, or even seen it online. This weekend is probably time for that as well. However there are only so many good movies left for streaming through the internet during the holidays. And so now, there are only a few really big movies leaving the online streaming service over the next few weeks. I'm going to list three of the best movies you should absolutely consider watching online this weekend.

The Midnight Sky (asonic) stars Matt Damon as a reluctant astronaut who must battle an enemy he doesn't know, and one which he has never seen before in his life. Damon plays the part of a NASA administrator assigned to the space station; here he must balance his personal feelings with the pressing necessity of running the show. With the threat of a nuclear war on the horizon, the U.S. must rely on a ragtag collection of alien survivors and their own wacky, chaotic nature to keep the peace in Earth. Along the way, Damon plays a curious and complex character, a mixture of lovable humanity and bitter sarcasm.

The Polar Bears (Denmark), also from the latest science fiction film, plays out in much the same way. In this post-apocalyptic tale, two explorers find themselves trapped on a strange ice island, with no means to return home. The two are separated only by a water pipe and must work together to survive. Along the way, they encounter other stranded survivors, some of whom they have a strange, personal relationship with. As they work together, and through each other's experiences, they learn about the other and about their own individual journeys, while they struggle to survive the ultimate threat.

In The Midnight Sky, meanwhile, Damon portrays an entirely different role for himself. Instead of playing the typical astronaut, Damon is a stranded scientist on a strange planet. To make matters worse, the planet is populated by two vicious species who eat human food, called the Voleur and the Anemone. The two races are locked in an uneasy peace, but when the world's greatest scientific mind, Dr. Helen Wintergreen (Anne Hathaway), arrives on the scene and becomes the object of the scientists' affections. At first Helen and the other crew members do not recognize each other, and they begin to wonder how and when Helen knew she was a part of an international scientific expedition.

The Midnight Sky is a superb action-adventure starring Anne Hathaway, while Ed Harris also delivers another strong performance as the man behind the mask. The Midnight Sky does not attempt to reinvent the action genre, and it isn't exactly a science-fiction film, but it manages to be a very entertaining and thought-provoking movie that's well worth the time spent watching it. Those looking for a new post-apocalyptic movie that's just as thrilling as Independence Day, The Midnight Sky is the right film for you. If you are a fan of science-fiction movies that veer far into fantasy, then this is definitely a film for you. You'll also find this movie worth your time if you love thriller movies with lots of twists and turns...

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