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The Night Clerk (2020)

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Someone's always watching. 2020/2/19 90 min.


The night clerk is a new employee in the business that works directly with the movie star or starlets. The business is modeled after the on-set hospitality for movies and television shows. If you are interested in how to become a Night Clerk, read on for my insider tips.

In the film industry, the Night Clerk is a person on the set of a movie or TV show who works directly with the star or celebrity. As the owner of the business, this person will deal with everything about the film or TV show. For example, they may be the one who rent the sets, handles the security, sets up the props, hires the crew, etc.

Of course, the main job of the clerk is to help the star or celebrity. Most of the clerk's job is to collect the set rentals for the production of the film or TV show. They are there to make sure the set is clean and organized, and to make sure everyone knows where to go.

There are a number of people who want to work as a clerk for the movie star or starlet. I have seen a lot of applications for this position. Some are real bums, and some are talented people who just need a little help. But if you are interested in working as a clerk, here are some insider tips to help you get started.

The most important skill you should hone is customer service. I know that this sounds easy, but I also know that is not always the case. There is a lot that goes into the "customer service" portion of the Night Clerk job description. It may include dealing with upset customers, helping customers without being pushy, and maintaining a pleasant voice when speaking to customers.

First impressions count. It is really hard to break into the business if you don't give it your best shot. Be friendly, polite, and above all, be professional.

Keep in mind that movies are high-speed action. What I mean by this is that the movies or TV shows can go on forever. Even though the first impression might be the last impression, you will still have a lot of time before shooting begins. A clerk can really play a role in the audience's view of the movie or TV show.

You can get into the business if you are also a fan of movie stars or starlets. There are a number of jobs you can apply for. But the key is to learn the ropes as soon as possible. Once you know the ropes, then you can choose the best place to start your career.

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