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Forever is harder than it looks 2020/7/10 126 min.


Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight is a western with an unforgettable female lead and not much else to say. Here's a look at the film and who the actresses are that are doing the talking in this installment of the Old Guard franchise.

The main female character is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh as Daisy Domergue, or simply The Valley Girl. Having already starred in The Closer, and Django Unchained, she has a lot to say in The Hateful Eight. Her most notable contribution to the film is her daring escape from the Confederate prison. She manages to leave them surrounded by guards with the help of some friendly horse thieves.

Red Hat (Kurt Russell) is playing a more serious role than his other performances in the Old Guard series. It is very rare to see Russell act like a stuntman in a Western, but this is a challenge he finds himself well-suited for. Russell also has a distinctive and interesting dialogue, as he talks down a man dying from a gunshot wound and even flirts with Daisy.

Boyd Holbrook played Sam Weller, played in The Old Guard by Sam Raimi in a major role. He is in command of the Missouri army in the Old Guard movies, and when the Governor tries to take over, he wants to steal a train to escape the Union.

John Hamm plays a man named Sam Haines, played in The Old Guard by Bruce Dern. Like Sam Weller, Haines is also wanted for desertion. This leads him to join up with Holbrook and Dern to steal a train.

Most of the Old Guard is shown from the perspective of the group of survivors who fled the Wild West and formed the Old Guard. In The Hateful Eight, Kurt Russell plays as Luke Hobbs, a Confederate General. He seeks revenge on those who killed his friend during the civil war.

Walton Goggins plays Major Marquis Warren, the leader of the Old Guard in The Hateful Eight. He kills two of the men who executed him for treason, and now he seeks revenge.

There are many characters who played major roles in The Old Guard movies. The Hateful Eight just has a few moments to show what they can do in a movie.

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