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Respect your elders... or else. 2020/8/27 92 min.


Every week in the United States, hundreds of women visit their local courthouse to obtain a temporary restraining order against an alleged abuser. They are looking to protect their children from the abuse and they want to make sure that their ex-spouse does not continue in their relationship. However, this type of order can be quite difficult to obtain and most of the time it is denied.

It may seem hard to believe but thousands of women each year seek temporary restraining orders (TRO) against their alleged abusers based on domestic violence. The reason for this is that the judges are trained to look at the parties involved as guilty or innocent and it is difficult to argue with that. However, the judge has the power to order someone to stay away from your children and they have the power to issue a TRO if they feel it is necessary.

Now, we all want the courts to provide the stability and peace that a custody battle would bring. Unfortunately, most courts will deny the temporary restraining order because they think the abuse is over and the violence is over. Of course, it is not! Once the temporary restraining order is issued, the abusers will find new ways to hurt you and the children that are involved.

In order to obtain a TRO against an alleged abuser, you must prove to the courts that they have been abusive towards you and/or the children in the past, there is probable danger of future abuse and there is an inability of the accused to care for the children. You will need to show a pattern of the abusers abuse. You also have to prove that the abuse is ongoing.

Now, the only way that you can obtain a temporary restraining order against an abuser is to go to your local county courthouse and file the appropriate paperwork. While you are there, you should also meet with an advocate who specializes in this type of case.

Once you have filed all of the papers, your case will move forward to obtain a permanent restraining order against the person who has been abusing you and/or your children. Your attorney will fight your case every step of the way and he will be able to obtain the best possible results for you.

In the meantime, you must stay with your children and your home while the case is being fought in court. It may not be necessary for you to move out of the house until the court case is over. If you do have to move out of the house, you must make sure that you have secured and insured transportation to get yourself and your children to your new location.

Many people who suffer from domestic violence often don't even consider obtaining a restraining order until they have had a very bad incident with the abuser. They then wonder why they didn't get this type of order sooner. If you are in this situation, you should take the first step today!

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