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It was the perfect score. But hell was their reward. 2020/8/21 96 min.


A few years ago, a friend of mine invited me to go see a movie called The Pale Door, the new Serie. He had seen it at one of those local movie theaters and was pretty excited to show it to me.

It was the new Serie. There were a few movies I had seen before but nothing that was quite like The Pale Door. I wasn't sure what to expect. To my surprise, I was absolutely blown away by the movie.

The Pale Door stars Ethan Hawke, an unemployed radio DJ who can't find the time to come home and listen to his favorite radio show with his family. So he decides to go on a one way trip to his old hometown where he can finally make it home for dinner and family time.

The story starts out where most stories do, with a kidnapping. But instead of kidnapping someone for money, he kidnaps his boss. When he goes to find out what is going on, he discovers the place is empty and the boss missing. So he decides to take matters into his own hands and see what he can uncover about the place before he leaves.

This leads us to Easter, which is the first of two major plot points in the movie. Easter is when the main character kidnaps his boss. We learn later on that it's because he wants to get to a city called Mulwell to look for some golden eggs for his sister, and not to go to Easter so that he can be with his family. So, from this point on we see Ethan Hawke work long hours because he's trying to get to Mulwell, which leads him to talk about how hard it is to make ends meet and keep his job.

We also see the two people who will determine the fate of the main character's life: his sister (in a very innocent way) and his boss (again, in a very innocent way). He must save Easter or he will have to be with his family for Easter, and he must get to Mulwell before Easter arrives, which means going through an old town where he's never been before and no one knows where he lives.

I really liked the whole movie, and I found myself saying a lot of the same things as my friend did when he was telling me about it. This movie has everything, from a heartwarming love story, a mystery, and a plot that are constantly on the edge of wild action.

If you want a fun and entertaining time, try The Pale Door, the new Serie, which is available on DVD now. It's a great movie that will appeal to anyone who enjoys something that doesn't quite live up to their standards.

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