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The Paramedic (2020)

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2020/9/16 94 min.


Watch The Paramedist - Series Two in Blu-ray / DVD quality with the Paramedics' Season Two Blu-ray Disc. The Blu-ray disc will have all the bonus features from the previous seasons of the Paramedics, as well as the movie itself.

The Blu-ray Disc is packaged in a handsome and sturdy case that has an image of the famous and iconic Barbara Harris as a fire fighter. The cover artwork was designed by famed artist Paul Pope, who also designed the cover for the original movie. It shows a group of paramedic members standing in front of a burning building, one of which seems to be burning so hot that it's melting through the glass door of the truck. The title of the Blu-ray Disc itself, The Paramedics, is another homage to the original movie, as it depicts the main characters from the story in a similar fashion.

Barbara Harris as Barbara Harris is back as the lead role of The Paramedics. We first met her back in the 1980s when she played a woman who was bitten by a dog, so severe was the injury that she literally melted in the wound. In this season, we're introduced to the new character of Dr. John Parambath, a neurosurgeon who helps his fellow police officer. John Parambath has developed a close relationship with his partner, Detective Superintendent Andy King, who has a crush on the woman in his life. He also happens to be an expert paramedic himself, so when he needs one, he knows where to find them.

When they get out on the job for the first time, their mission is to help other people while solving crimes. This is what The Paramedics does best, but sometimes they're called upon to do a little more than just that. There are some situations where their expertise becomes needed, so they're given new weapons like batons, night vision goggles, and even a shotgun. These help them to accomplish their mission.

The movie is very well acted. Most of the actors are excellent in their roles, and the acting is consistently high quality. You can tell when they're being completely genuine, such as when King and Parambath are discussing their feelings about certain events or how the team works together during certain tasks.

When you buy the Paramedics Blu-ray disc, you get two Blu-ray discs, a standard DVD case, and a special booklet that contain a series history of the film and an interview with the cast and crew of the film. The bonus features included on the disc are: deleted scenes, cast interviews, posters, cast biographies, trailers, behind the scenes footage and more. Overall, this is an awesome package to add to your collection.

Original title El practicante
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