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Witness The Birth Of An Assassin 2020/1/31 109 min.


Cinema is all about rhythm and harmony. The rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the film's story. These two elements have their own place in the overall story of a film. If you are a fan of the Beat genre of cinema, then it would be interesting to hear the story behind the rhythm in each movie in a series of their own.

There are plenty of artists who have their works and fan clubs dedicated to their films. Now, how about the collection of the rhythm from each film?

In "The Rhythm Section", this new film by Ken Loach, he does not try to make his rhythm section 'official'. It just happens as he puts the focus on the story of a boy who suffers from some mental illness. His friends say that he has a severe lack of self-esteem and cannot express himself very well. But his friend, a percussionist, who was once a solider in the War, is determined to support him.

The film also takes place in a war zone. The percussionist, in the background, makes sounds that play on their beat. Some scenes were filmed in Central London, but it is not a point of interest. On the other hand, the rhythm section was filmed in Toronto.

This film also had its fans who attended various times in the gymnasium to watch it. The rhythm section plays on a piano. So, it could be seen that it belongs to the 'Beat' section.

"A Doll's House" by Danny Kaye is a film based on a true story, so many fans of the film were actually interested in it. The rhythm of the music is extremely simple and includes only the bass drum and the tambourine.

In "Bangkok Express", the rhythm was improvised by the film's director during the shooting. For this reason, the rhythm section of the film was filmed in Montreal.

The 'Little Drummer Girl' by Ken Loach and the 'Mamma Mia' by Richard Curtis' rhythm section are just a few examples. As the story of the film, the rhythms are set in the background.

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