The Secret: Dare to Dream
The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020)

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2020/4/16 107 min.


Robert Zemeckis's The Secret: Dare to Dream is a touching film directed by David Fincher. This is a movie for those who long to be dreaming rather than planning for their futures. With its realistic approach to presenting life and the story of the protagonist, the movie helps the audience realize that dreams may not come true but the efforts towards achieving them will not get away.

Directed by David Fincher, this is a movie with a very similar theme as his previous masterpiece, Fight Club. It is a movie about a loser who always seems to be alone. Like Tyler Durden in the movie, The Secret: Dare to Dream's protagonist struggles to make the dreams of other people come true. With this theme, the movie deals with the enigma of your purpose in life.

The movie revolves around the character's journey to discover the meaning of his life and the power of his vision. An important theme presented in the movie is that whatever your dreams may be, they will eventually manifest in your reality, if you exert enough effort in realizing them. The movie shows that it is much easier to achieve your dreams if you have a strong vision.

It is the film's message of having the courage to dream that connects the viewer to its main character, Sean. With an iron-clad belief in his vision, Sean decides to take action, despite the negative effect of his plan. In order to achieve the success he desired, he takes on the role of an enforcer for a great, but ruthless CEO. All his dreams and inspirations are then wiped out by an unexpected incident.

Despite the decision Sean made, The Secret: Dare to Dream shows the importance of vision in a world where no one has the same vision as you. The movie highlights the fact that your dream does not become a reality unless you believe in it and the act of believing in yourself is a vital part of any dream. Having a strong belief in yourself and your dreams gives you the strength to take on anything in life.

Robert Zemeckis also pays tribute to David Fincher's special skills in terms of directing a great movie. With the cinematography was done by David Fincher, this movie delivers a film experience unlike any other.

With the movie directed by David Fincher, the talents of the two directors are highlighted. With the David Fincher's amazing camerawork and the Robert Zemeckis's masterful screenplay, the movie is sure to be a hit among many viewers.

The Secret: Dare to Dream can be viewed in IMAX theatres and it is available for home viewing via online services. If you are a fan of David Fincher's films and want to see one that is not available to the public, do not miss this movie. By watching the movie online, you will get to experience the best and most authentic David Fincher movie ever made.

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