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The Silencing (2021)

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2021/1/28 93 min.


The Silencing is an interesting book that is sure to get a lot of attention and interest from readers. This is a novel written by Peter V. Brett, one of the best-selling authors who has written so many fantastic thrillers.

A young woman and a newly-reformed criminal hunter get trapped in an underground game of cat and mouse after they inadvertently trap their own daughter five years ago. A man with a past who seems to be the father of the woman gets away with murder and now he's targeting her for revenge. This is where The Silencing becomes a fast-paced thriller that has been getting a lot of buzz since it was released in January of 2020.

One thing that makes this book so fun is how much the author's past helps him write the plot. In particular, the part about Brett's past as a soldier gives him a lot of insight into his character. It also helps him to write a compelling story that is exciting to read.

Another thing that sets The Silencing apart from other thriller novels is the characters that the author creates throughout his writing life. Even if Brett is only a soldier who served in Vietnam, he created characters in his stories like Joe, who is the daughter of Brett's friend.

In addition to Joe, Brett gives us a loveable character named Tommy, played by his mother. Tommy is a very likable character that helps the reader understand why Brett wants to write a book like The Silencing.

Overall, The Silencing is a fun book to read and it will appeal to a variety of readers. While the premise might be a little bit over the top at first, the book soon gives the reader a reason to invest in the story and continue reading to the end. If you haven't read this book yet, you should start reading right away.

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