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The Sleepover (2020)

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To rescue their parents, they need to get a clue. 2020/8/21 103 min.


In The Sleepover, Clancy and Kevin are asked to babysit their little brother, Noah. While Noah has no idea what they're up to, Clancy has a secret agenda. She and her boyfriend, Kevin, sneak into Noah's room while his mom goes to work.

The boys discover a stash of money that their mother has taken from her boss when she was working in Africa. They decide to give it to their father, but when their dad finds out, he decides to have the kids arrested for fraud. In an effort to get out of jail, Clancy and her friends decide to go to Kenya and plan a daring escape. While Clancy is trying to plan the perfect escape, Kevin gets caught in the middle of a murder.

When the boys try to escape, Kevin gets captured. As soon as Noah wakes up from his nap, he finds himself in the basement of his parents' home, along with Clancy and several other kids. Noah is convinced that he's going to be hurt, so he calls his mom to tell her what happened.

When Noah's mom tells Noah that they were all arrested for theft, Noah decides that he has had enough. He runs off and joins the rest of the group who are trying to get out of the house. With a lot of help from the children, Noah manages to sneak through the house on his own. Meanwhile, Clancy starts to develop feelings for Kevin.

Things start to get complicated when Clancy starts dating Kevin's friend, Tom. Eventually, Clancy realizes that they should break up because she's beginning to feel like they don't have much in common. The group also has to contend with Noah's dad and his new girlfriend, Victoria.

A great story line and a cute plot keep the movie from getting boring. Clancy and Kevin are also able to get to know each other, even though Noah's mom doesn't know that he's their child. This makes for a great movie that's easy for kids to relate to and laugh at.

Sleepover isn't your typical Disney film, and it doesn't have a happy ending either. Instead of having the group wake up in the morning and find that they have spent the night in jail, they all end up spending the night in Noah's basement, with Noah being taken away by the police.

One of the reasons why this movie doesn't have a happy ending is because Clancy's character development is quite good. Her character never grows old and is always the one to save the day.

Sleepover is fun, exciting, and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. If you've seen any of Disney's movies, you'll likely be seeing Sleepover at least once in the future.

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