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The only survivor did not come back alone 2020/9/8 113 min.


If you like anime and want to see this wonderful series, then you should try "The Sputnik". This is one of the most exciting anime series which will surely give you a good entertainment.

First of all, we should understand the trailer first. You have probably seen it already.

This movie was directed by Takashi Nagasawa, the director of this awesome film "The Seven Deadly Sins". Yes, I said that. "The Sputnik" was done with this same director. He worked for four years on this film and is still producing it now.

Another interesting thing about this anime is that the anime series is called "Serie". The name "Serie" is a homophone of "Series". It is an Italian word, which means "World". When the director came to this country, he had a vision for this project and now the fans of anime are able to see his vision.

The director also thought to add English subtitles for the film. This is a really good idea as it will help to bring more attention to the subtitled version. Also, because of its own movie quality, it is a must to use English subtitles.

Some of the main characters of the movie can be seen in the trailers. They are seen again in the movie. But we should also note that this will not be a simple retelling of the story. The director wants to create an original story which will give the movie a different type of spin.

The story of the movie will be about children, young children. Because of the element of reality, it will also be a traditional story. The end of the story will tell how the children will meet the monsters that are coming from outside. This is an important part of the story and not everyone will be able to understand the story from the first trailer.

For all the anime movie fans, this will definitely give you great joy. If you want to watch it, then you should try to do so, as it is one of the best anime movie.

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