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The Unfamiliar (2020)

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Some fears haunt you from within. 2020/8/21 89 min.


"The Unfamiliar: The Art of Being Her," by Jane Bennett Davidson is a story that has captured my attention for many years. It is written with the sensitivity and style that only an author with such sensitivity can provide. It is a love story that tells the story of a young girl who was just five years old when her father died unexpectedly, leaving her as the sole financial support for her mother and three younger sisters. Now, with the help of her sister's family, she is trying to build a new life for herself and for her family.

The Unfamiliar by Jane Bennett Davidson is a wonderful book. There are many aspects of the story that I found interesting. The first, and most important, aspect of the story is that it is a story of love and commitment between two young women who are still growing into their teenage years. It is a story about the difficulties that young people face in their quest for love, happiness, and stability. While many of us know what the challenges are, we may not have the insight that Davidson has into them. She uses the story to describe the struggles and sacrifices that our daughters may have to make on a daily basis.

My second favorite aspect of the story is the way that Davidson describes the young girl's world. This is something that has always impressed me because this world is so different from my own. We live in a "real world," where people live and die at the same time. Our families may be the same, but most of the people we know do not have the same family dynamics. We all work together for the betterment of our community and we enjoy the same successes and failures. This world is a very different place, one that we would all like to escape to. In The Unfamiliar, Jane Davidson gives us the opportunity to experience that escape.

The third part of The Unfamiliar, and the part that is my favorite, is the fact that Jane Davidson wrote the story over the span of about a year. As she was writing, she started to write about the challenges that she and her daughter faced while working toward their goals and the things that they had hoped to achieve. Eventually, Davidson's story became almost a fantasy of her family and all that they had worked so hard for.

If you are looking for a story that will give you hope, strength, a place to learn about love and hope, "The Unfamiliar" is an excellent book for you. "The Unfamiliar" by Jane Bennett Davidson is an amazing story and an inspiration to all of us. I know that the world that Davidson created is a world that anyone would love to be a part of. This is a story that any of us can easily relate to because the story itself is so personal. As a child, I was often the child who would find ways to help my mother, the daughter who was often left to do the "hard work."

If you are looking for a love story that can bring a smile to your face, "The Unfamiliar" by Jane Bennett Davidson is a story for you. It is a beautiful, touching story filled with hope and friendship.

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