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The Vast of Night (2020)

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2020/5/15 91 min.


In The Vast of Night, starring the late Robin Williams and including Angelina Jolie, Ewan McGregor, Diane Lane, and Kevin Kline, we're presented with a movie that's not afraid to stand out. It's a great film that focuses on the crime-fighting life of Robin Hood and his band of merry men. The Vast of Night is probably the most original movie in recent times. The movie itself is funny but it also has enough darkness that is relevant to any human being's life, which will resonate to those who were on the receiving end of similar situations.

An unknown thief and criminal, Jonny (Ewan McGregor) is accused of robbing and murdering a wealthy woman, Mary (Diane Lane). When she's found dead, police find Jonny hiding in the woods. A search for the truth about his crime begins when several of the people he robbed die mysteriously. John was really trying to help Mary to escape the bitter relationship with her husband was having with her sister-in-law, and he committed the crimes that ended up killing the three others.

From the start of The Vast of Night, we realize that John is mentally unbalanced. He is doing everything wrong from his planning to his execution of the crime, and at one point, his behavior becomes so strange that everyone is asking for help. He is also dealing with a fear of water that's resulted from his earlier experience. By the end of the movie, we understand that even if John isn't mentally ill, he still needs help to get back on his feet and figure out what caused his past to impact him to this degree.

The story of The Vast of Night comes with a heavy weight, and it is important to understand why this movie became a classic. It's not because it is a spectacularly created story or because the director is a genius, but because it tells a good story. This is a tale that, no matter how grim you want it to be, can still be exciting and very suspenseful, as long as the plot line is followed. This is a movie that lives up to its reputation.

The Vast of Night also fits into the category of a "serial killer" movie because there are many similar tales of serial killers. This is a movie that emphasize the evil of evil deeds that can not only destroy an individual, but the lives that are affected by their actions. This film comes from the period of Victorian times and although modern films have now painted that era in a brighter light, The Vast of Night will always be a cautionary tale for those who wish to see a society destroyed because of some petty crime. This movie is still relevant to today's society, even though many of the people portrayed in the movie are considered relatively innocent and mostly harmless.

The actors on the set of The Vast of Night are amazing and provide the actors in The Vast of Night with the opportunity to shine in this movie. Every actor is in top form and they make you want to see more of their performances. In addition, the screenplay of The Vast of Night is very well thought out and yet still manages to be creative and original enough to grab the attention of viewers.

As with many of the stories that had been produced and popularized in the last few years, The Vast of Night will be remembered for a long time. The reason for this is that it is able to tap into human emotions that are related to crime and punishment, even if some of these were perpetrated more than a century ago. Because the characters are influenced by the psychological aspects of the human condition, The Vast of Night can be appreciated for being a novel and having a story that's complex and meaningful.

With its plot line, genre and excellent cast, The Vast of Night is a brilliant tale that will bring on appreciation for movies for a long time to come. You'll see people quoting this movie all throughout your life if you choose to watch it.

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