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Being alone helps. 2020/7/3 96 min.


The Voices from The Serie DVD set is a world away from the movies in the past that I grew up with. This isn't a revolutionary film like something like The Godfather: Part II; it's more of a metronome on a constant loop, slow but consistent in its flow.

The Voices from The Serie DVD set is all about the wide range of characters that each star in the movie. They are tired of their middle-aged lives and want to take their lives into a new direction. Sure, they don't know how to do this and are hesitant to actually try to move into their new direction.

As they get older, they find themselves drifting from one strange situation to another and wondering if they will ever be able to settle down again. But as each one of them is drawn into the "World Of The Voices," he or she has to prove to each other that they are worthy of this brand new found confidence and fame. Will they be able to overcome the boundaries set by each other?

The Voices from The Serie DVD set is more than just an online fansite or movie review. This film is entertaining for all ages and holds the viewer's attention for most of the runtime. What I love about the cast is that they seem to know exactly what to say at the right time.

The Voices from The Serie DVD set is a great choice for anyone who likes independent films or just those of a more intimate nature. The storyline is truly amazing, and the look of the pictures and the visuals are a pleasure to the eyes.

The Voices from The Serie DVD set is well worth it for any movie lover. A definite purchase.

It is easy to go online fansite and leave a review about any movie you think you may have liked. I'll leave you with this thought, though: When watching the Voices from The Serie DVD set, go out of your way to make sure you pick up a copy of the original soundtrack album, even if it is only for yourself.

If you enjoy art films or just anything that is beautiful and spectacular, The Voices from The Serie DVD set is a must-see for all ages. What a wonderfully underrated film.

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