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The past will haunt you. 2020/1/22 97 min.


In Hispanic folklore, La Llorona (pronounced: Li-for-oh-na) is a story about a female ghost who drowns her children, then mourns them forever, roaming freely in Latin American countryside as a ghost or haunting. Multiple versions exist, as well as multiple stories from different cultures and countries. However, many scholars believe that this legend originated in Mexico. Many of the legends, myths and beliefs regarding La Llorona are actually quite similar to those that you may have heard in your own childhood, and these legends, myths and beliefs have a strong impact on the lives of many Hispanic Americans.

One of the most common myths concerning La Llorona concerns her appearance. Many people believe that if one is around her during their darkest hours, it is only her who can help. If one is alone in the dark, it is believed that they will be safe. Many have described their encounters with La Llorona as having an evil presence surrounding them.

Another popular myth about La Llorona relates to the different ways in which she is said to kill. One story states that she kills her children by drowning them in a bathtub, while another says she kills them by pushing them out of the bathtub. She is also said to kill them with stones or with a mace, using the handle of her mace. Some stories claim that she also eats them or swallows them whole.

Another myth surrounding La Llorona involves her role in helping the deceased pass on. She is said to help them cross over between their earthly life and their next life. It is said that after they cross over, it is then that they become one with the universe, and La Llorona becomes a radiant, beautiful, shining being.

Another legend says that if one is near to La Llorona and holds her hand, it will change into a snake. Others say that they will become one with the earth if they touch her. A legend suggests that if one holds her foot, they will become one with the sea and become a shark, while holding her hand they become a crane.

Some believe that the La Llorona ghost has been haunting people since the beginning of time. Others say that she was given wings by God himself. Others hold that she is simply a legendary figure with whom one cannot discuss, as she is very difficult to read. and understands only through dreams. others say that she is simply the ghost of a murdered child that is looking for revenge and the souls of her lost children waiting for her to come back and redeem them.

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