Roald Dahl's The Witches
Roald Dahl's The Witches (2020)

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They're real! 2020/10/25 106 min.


The Witches is a supernatural horror movie that stars Linda Hamilton and Michael Moriarty. The movie follows a witch who travels to a cabin in the woods. The cabin is actually haunted by a nasty demon. There were no doubts at all when it came to the release of The Witches: it was going to be terrifying. The witches would have been absolutely terrified by the demon's presence, so they were bound to fight it off in this scary movie.

For the most part, the witches are played by Michael Moriarty. Michael Moriarty has actually been around since the seventies, playing many different roles on television. His style has always been very frightening. He has an air of authority around him that comes from his long experience on the screen. He has also won several awards for acting, so he does have some acting chops.

One of the reasons that I like Michael Moriarty is that he seems to get along with everyone in the cast. He can be friendly with everyone in the show. Even when Linda Hamilton plays the witch, he has been very respectful. Michael Moriarty has also been quite helpful to other actors as well. He has also helped out the director of The Witches, which helps the movie go further with the fans.

With Michael Moriarty as the evil witch, Linda Hamilton really has a lot of fun with her character. She can play a bit of a sultry character, as well. You can tell that she does not take too kindly to anyone messing with her life. She is a strong character, but a very real one. In the book, she is portrayed as being rather evil.

If you are looking for a movie that will give your heart a little thrill, then The Witches is for you. It has an interesting plot, as well as great acting. If you have a chance to watch the book as well, then you will see a completely different side of Linda Hamilton.

The Witches is available to rent online for a limited time. If you are looking for an affordable way to catch up on your horror film fix, then you should definitely look into this one. The Witches.

The movie has received mostly positive reviews and has even been compared to The Twilight Saga, which also had its release on the same day as The Witches. In fact, some people say that The Witches was even better than The Twilight Saga.

The Witches is not only a great movie, it is also a great book. If you have never read The Witches, then it is definitely worth reading.

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