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The World to Come (2020)

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2020/9/6 105 min.


The World to Come is the first series of the Series. It is written by Koji Yamada. The book's translation into English was done by Keiji Furumoto. This work is the first part of a tetralogy for the deceased Kimura. The second part will be released in autumn of next year.

"The World To Come" takes place in the time immediately after the battle of Midland. The Japanese forces have suffered heavy losses, and the American forces are slowly pushing back the Japanese forces from Midland to the city of Nagoya. Ojiway joined the Americans and became a general in the 5th Army in the "Pearl Harbor Act". He remained there for the duration of the war.

Ojiway lived in Midland until his death. During this time he had a daughter named Haruko who became very close to her father. The movie covers the many stages of their relationship. As the relationship between Ojiway and Haruko wanes, the characters realize they have nothing in common.

Eventually both Ojiway and Haruko agree to get married. When the wedding arrives two months later it is destroyed by an American submarine. The world soon finds out that Ojiway was an agent of the Japanese navy. One of the last acts he accomplishes before his death is to surrender to the Americans on the USS Wisconsin. The US Navy then renames him Kiyooru.

In the novel he goes on to live in California. But this does not stop him from taking part in the events that follow. He tries to broker peace between Japan and the USA, but to no avail. He also tries to help the US troops return home, but they too fail. He dies of a broken heart, having received a bullet to the head.

The World to Come was made into a motion picture by Walt Disney studios and starred John Hurt. The movie became very popular in Japan and helped to create the template for most Japanese movies of the 1980's. The movie had several other successful sequels and is still popular today. Some of the other Japanese films that are worth watching include, Gekiju-hen, Ni Hao, Prince of The Islands, Yojimbo, Finding Nemo, Prince of The Sun, A Bug's Life, Jaws, Finding Nemo, The Cube, and The Secret.

There is some controversy around the plot of the movie, but the movie nevertheless remains to be one of the best-selling films of all time. It was later turned into a stage play, which was a huge success. The movie won eight Academy Awards and was a nominee for twelve other awards. George Clooney and Robert Downey Jr. have both won an Oscar for Best Actor in The World to Come.

One interesting note about The World to Come is the alternate version that was told to be told by Cleopatra during a deposition. She allegedly spoke of a vision in which her son overcame death and went on to become the Emperor of Rome. The movie then shows her teaching this philosophy to a reluctant Roman Emperor. The sequel to The World to Come was released in 2021 and starred Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. Since then the film version has gained much popularity and is considered one of the best films of all time.

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