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The Wretched (2020)

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2020/3/9 95 min.


The Wretched is an adult-animated series in the TV series Starz's The Walking Dead. Based on the comic written by Robert Kirkman, it follows the life of Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), a man who has been bitten by a zombie (a flesh-eating virus) and becomes a zombie himself. In the first season, Rick takes a job as a butcher in a community where the citizens have taken on the disease and die off at alarming rates.

The series takes viewers on an epic journey with both action and humor in order to bring a more "adult" feeling to The Walking Dead. It is a dark and intense, yet very funny, animated series that can be watched free online. The Wretched was adapted from the graphic novel series, and so it is loaded with humor and gore.

The Wretched movies are based on the characters from the TV series. The first movie was called "The Wretched" and it told the story of how Rick Grimes escaped from the hospital to escape being bitten. In it, Rick learns to fight the walkers and even saves Carl's life.

The next movie was called "No Sanctuary". It takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, as Rick and his group continue their journey to the prison where the Governor and his group are kept. In this movie, Rick goes undercover, which puts him in the crossfire of the Governor's followers. During the rest of the movie, the group fights back to back all the way to the prison, and Rick saves Carol.

The Wretched: No Sanctuary was the second movie in the series. It was a sequel to the first one, and it follows the survivors in Atlanta and their struggles against the Governor and his followers. Though the movie doesn't directly touch on anything that happened in the previous movie, it still had many strong elements that were similar to what happened in the first movie.

This movie was also the last one in the series. The television series is now airing its final episode every Monday night on the FX channel. For fans, this is the last chance to see the episodes they missed.

This movie left fans wondering what happens next to the series. Will there be more movies? Will we ever see the world get saved and the TV series end?

You can now find out what will happen next by watching online. If you want to know what happened to Rick and the other survivors, you can watch the series and see if it did everything the fans wanted it to do. As long as you are subscribed to Starz's online service, you can watch the entire series at your own convenience.

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