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Think Like a Dog (2020)

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2020/8/6 91 min.


"Think Like a Dog" is a documentary about Serie A, the regional soccer league in Italy. Directed by Andrea Testoni and Vincenzo Fusaro, the film will give a look at the battle between Serie A clubs in terms of revenue distribution. The film has gained some success on the internet and has already been screened in more than 20 cities throughout the world.

The film is a collaboration between directors and producers from Tandem Film Ltd and Anti-Media Films, which produces and direct the film. The film was shot in and around Rome. Although the producers intend to make the film available to others worldwide, it is already quite popular in Italy.

The makers of the film say that they wanted to "tell the story of Serie A as the cat tells the mouse about how the game industry is controlled by the politicians, the people who really control the game are the game developers, publishers and journalists, and the lowest rung of the food chain is made up of gamers." In addition, the film aims to reveal how the major soccer clubs in Italy make their profit. In general, each Serie A club earns roughly between $300 million each year. Because of this, the film shows how the clubs' owners manipulate the politicians so that they can continue to make huge profits.

However, the film does not just reveal the shocking truth about the Italian soccer league; it also highlights the success of some Serie A clubs, who have started off in the last decade with great financial success. The director tells the story of Roma, a team who just finished in the third place, in terms of revenue income.

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As a film, the film has been well received. Even though it focuses on Serie A, the movie also covers about four decades of football history, as well as the struggle between the mafia, politicians and the mafia bosses in Naples.

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