Tribal: Get Out Alive
Tribal: Get Out Alive (2020)

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Action is about to get brutal. 2020/7/7 86 min.


After suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), elite military personnel Caitlin Ross retires into retirement. On the eve of a new start, she meets a former partner, Brad Johnson, who has decided to pursue his own agenda in retirement by heading a private security company.

This book is a good blend of action and mystery that sets up a suspense-filled plot for the novel Tribal Get Out Alive. I really liked the first section of the novel, as it told the story of how Brad first met Caitlin. The second part gives a more in-depth description of Brad's history as a soldier, where the reader sees how he became what he is today. The action is fast-paced, yet realistic in its depiction of the military life.

Brad's past has shown him to be a very intelligent and resourceful character, and his personality shines through here as well. Throughout the story, Brad's personality is shown off in a variety of ways, whether it's as a military veteran a secret agent, a private detective, or a business man. In each of these roles, Brad helps solve a mystery, and he also helps to set the scene for a future conflict with the enemy.

Brad has been the best of the best, so to speak, at finding and tracking down important information. The details he provides are fascinating. Brad uses his skills to find information about the people and places Brad knows. He also uses his knowledge about Brad's former life to help him get back into the military life.

Brad's new life begins when he decides to work with a retired military colleague to run a secret spy program in Chad. In order to succeed, Brad must track down dangerous insurgents and find out their identities. Brad's relationship with the ex-wife of one of his former comrades provides the book with much insight into the inner workings of the military. There are also some strong relationships between other members of the cast of characters, such as Brad's former mentor and current partner, Ben Johnson.

I really enjoyed Tribal Get Out Alive. It's a good spy thriller that I really enjoyed reading. I hope author Brad Torgerson has more writing projects in store.

Book Review by: Mark Torgerson

Tribal Get Out Alive, by Mark Torgerson, is a fast-paced spy thriller. This book is a great blend of action and mystery that set up a suspense-filled plot for the novel.

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