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Trolls World Tour (2020)

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2020/3/11 90 min.


This year is the 25th anniversary of Trolls World Tour, a successful film that spawned the follow-up movie, Trolls 2. Of course, the film itself was a huge success and quickly became a cult classic amongst fans of the first Trolls movie. Well, it seems as if the sequel to Trolls World Tour is headed for release in June of this year.

The story of the original movie begins when a young boy named Max tries to prove to his parents that he is a real boy, instead of a troll. His father is an atheist, and the mother encourages him to believe that trolls aren't real. The son of a troll tells his father that he knows how to cure cancer, but instead the father believes him. As the trolls continue to battle with the other creatures, a young boy becomes a hero and a rallying point for the trolls, who band together in the only way they know how: genocide.

The story of the movie, Trolls, was definitely the best part. I mean, look at all those people dressed up as trolls and throwing paint on each other. It was definitely a sight to behold.

I think what makes the series stand out from other horror genre is the fact that it is completely hilarious. Everything from the plot to the way it was presented to the characters just worked so well. If you haven't seen the movie, I suggest you check it out right away.

It seemed like everything about the movie was good. The story was unique and intriguing, with loads of action scenes, gore, and general chaos. The colors were bright and vibrant, and the special effects were fantastic.

However, some of the characters in the movie are pretty horrible. They all seem very unrealistic, especially the character who ate people for food. They also seemed to have a lot of conflicting motivations. When the main characters in the story battle their way into the troll headquarters, there seemed to be no reason for their presence, which seemed out of place and out of character.

Now, I would have to say that the story is not as original as The Chronicles of Narnia or a blockbuster movie, but still, I'm surprised that someone could write a story like that. The presentation was great, but the actual plot was not. In fact, I really thought that it was a parody of the horror genre.

In conclusion, Trolls World Tour is still an entertaining movie, with great characters and great humor. The plot is still intriguing, and the ending was the best part of the entire film.

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