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Historias lamentables (2020)

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2020/11/19 129 min.


For those that are looking for a laugh, The Historias Regrettables is an enjoyable watch. In every scene, there is something hilarious to see and laugh at. These are four separate stories set in different time periods, which all take place in medieval times. Four interconnected stories reveal that no matter what is going on in one's life, nothing is funnier than the misfortunes of others.

When the citizens of Lucayan Islands discover that there was an eclipse that occurred six years before, a celebration occurs. As each of their boats sail out into the ocean, an old man notices some strange boxes floating on the water. When he opens the box, he discovers a gold coin inside. The gold coins have a face value of one million dollars and therefore make the perfect treasure.

The Historias Regrettables follows the life of Joam Garquin as he tries to return to his homeland, the kingdom of Galactica. While flying to the island, his ship crashes and Joam is forced to walk the land. He then realizes that there were hundreds of people killed during the attack and the kingdom is going to war with La Ladera de San Bartolome. With the help of his friend, Ignacio Quijas, Joam and other locals fight against the enemy and save the town.

A year later, in the town of Cartago, Moises Felipe arrives to seek refuge with his cousin, Ignacio. Moises is not happy with Ignacio, because he feels that his cousin has failed him. Moises then kidnaps Ignacio, blocking him from leaving the town and taking away the fortune he has been trying to give to his son, Giorgio. Joam then joins forces with Ignacio to try and free Giorgio and kill Moises.

As the story continues, other elements are added to the story such as a large number of side-characters which are all added to the cast to give more depth to the story and make it more realistic. Other than Giorgio, Joam also has many friends and family including his two sisters, Ramona and Mercedes, his uncle, Carlos and a large number of other minor characters. The story is told from the viewpoint of Joam who acts as a main character in the entire story. It shows how he deals with various situations and how he comes out the victor at the end.

Historias lamentable es una de una Carta. This is the greatest book ever written by Orhan Pamcky. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in order to make them understand the greatness of Orhan Pamcky. I hope that you will enjoy this story as much as I have. If you have not read his other works, please do so because this one is worth it.

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