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He can happen to anyone. 2020/7/16 90 min.


The Unhinged is a movie that was a huge hit at the box office and it continues to be popular for its outrageous behavior. Here's a list of the shocking activities in this movie. Be warned, there will be some dialogue that might make you cringe.

The main character is Paul Winfield. His body of work includes becoming a motivational speaker, an insurance sales professional, and a candidate for president. After moving from New York to Las Vegas, he returns to California after two years and is asked to coach a school basketball team. He doesn't take it well and has to be physically restrained.

The violence and physical things that occur in this movie are amazing. There're the , head bashing, and the "crushing" of an opponent during a fight. It's just incredible to see a group of people laugh at some of these things and then watch them do them on film.

During the movie, one of the players becomes involved in a different mental breakdowns and attacks his teammates with a knife. In this scene, the cast does a fantastic job of portraying what would happen if you were in their shoes.

When dealing with what the characters say, we get to hear what they say and understand why they say it. It all makes sense when you think about it. The language used by the actors in this movie is great and not overused.

There is a lot of controversy regarding the online presence of the movie. Some feel that the producers of the film did a poor job of marketing and some feel that the online antics aren't in line with the storyline of the movie. I'd like to address the product placements and believe the latter.

If they tried hard enough, it would be easy to pass off the ad-libbing comments from the cast as the behind the scenes of the filming of the film. But, as the director, the line should be there and I don't know what the problem is. The Unhinged is a movie about the insanity of life and in today's society, everyone needs to vent sometimes.

Remember, people say and do things in movies all the time. If you watch the Unhinged, you'll find something entertaining.

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