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2020/7/24 98 min.


Don't Listen is a futuristic action thriller movie set in the year 2020. It is written by Craig Bolotin, and it stars Michael Chiklis, Emmannuel Chriqi, Jodelle Ford, and Kay Panabaker. Don't Listen(2020) is based on the book by Robert Forward. It is the first of four films which make up the serie "The New Moon" series. The movie doesn't have much if any dialogue, instead the movie plays out like a futuristic silent film, with long sweeping shots of the starships passing by and behind the passenger ships.

DON'T LISTEN (2020) Whilst no one is certain as to whether or not the book will ever be made into a feature-length documentary, it does look intriguingly possible that it might happen at some point. This is because the novel is said to be an original work, written before the current hit Netflix shows Orange is the New Black, which was created by auteurists and screenwriters like Netflix's chief content creator, the late Netflix president, Reed Green. Don't Listen is also part of the "DC" franchise which is in pre-production at the moment. A "DC" logo is also located on the cover of the novel.

Don't Listen(2020) screened at various film festivals and had premiere screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of last year. The movie is said to be a sort of futuristic romance/action hybrid movie about a pair of secret agents who are sent from the future to prevent a catastrophic event from occurring. As it is, Don't Listen(2020) has been met with mixed reviews from movie critics and movie lovers alike. Some have loved it, while others have hated it. I personally thought the film wasn't very captivating, but it did manage to keep me entertained for the duration of the film.

So what happened to the great drama of Don't Listen(2020)? The great action and drama of Don't Listen(2020) was revived in the form of a TV Special called "Don't Listen" which debuted on September 21st, 2020 at NBC. It was an hour long comedy special hosted by Don Lemon and featured various members of the casts from the movie Don't Listen. The special was an instant hit, not only with audiences but also the movie executives who were hosting the special!

Since then Don't Listen(2020) has been available on Netflix. I must say the quality of the film has been very good. The story is excellent and the acting is fantastic. The late comer, Don Lemon, comes back with a vengeance, while the usual suspects are there as well. I especially love how Don Lemon is portrayed on screen by Don Cheadle. He has a very similar "smirk" as Cheadle and just makes the scenes he is in even better.

Don't Listen(2020) would be a good name to start a new film franchise, or maybe even a television series. It's a great documentary about the whole Don't listen to Elegy situation. I hope Netflix picks up the Don't Listen(2020) series for a full season as soon as possible. I am very excited.

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