We Bare Bears: The Movie
We Bare Bears: The Movie (2020)

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We Bare Bears: The Movie 2020/6/30 69 min.


Our Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Movie will be released in theaters soon and fans have already started getting their passes in advance. Fans of the show know that the movie is a prequel to the TV series and a chance to see what would have happened if the ponies had been around at the time of the Great Depression. While the show is already popular, this movie looks to add to the fan base and provide new viewers with a better understanding of what went on in those days.

Two brother bears, Hiccup and Toothless, awkwardly try to get their place in modern society, whether by going on a wild adventure, trying to get friends on the net, or scheming to be famous online. Grizzly, Puffin and Panda stack atop each other when they explore the hipster, computer savvy neighborhoods of San Francisco and the bay area, and it is clear that the brothers have plenty to learn from a technologically savvy world. Along their journey, they encounter Max, a loner with a big imagination and a very interesting past. Max also helps the brothers get over a recent breakup. There are many other unexpected guests in this movie that fans of the show should keep an eye out for.

The film stars Ginnifer Goodwin as the voice of Hiccup, while Dakota Fanning and Jacob Lofland play the role of Toothless and Panda respectively. Both of the twins are extremely talented actors that bring a unique spark to the roles. Goodwin is known for her work on True Blood and True Detective, but she has always been able to pull off great performances on stage as well. Dakota Fanning is known for playing the role of Gwen Stacy on Spider-Man and of course, Lucy on the television series Desperate Housewives. and, while some may not want to see her playing with another girl, I am sure that she does a great job.

Ginnifer Goodwin was born and raised in Texas and so you can imagine how much of her voice she has compared to the real Ginnifer Goodwin. While you may not think that her voice has any resemblance to the voice of the actual Ginnifer Goodwin, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. This actress also adds a very unique voice to her character, which is just about perfect. Everyone who has seen her work knows that it and loves it, which is why you will find people talking about her even after she was in The Chronicles of Riddick. Her voice is very enchanting and can easily set the tone for the movie, which is a definite plus.

One of the greatest things about this movie is how different and unique it is from all previous We Bare Bears movies. I especially like the look of the whole sequence of the bears going to San Francisco, which sets up the "modern" setting of the film. I have watched some of the earlier movies, but this is my first chance to watch a full run of these characters so I'm really enjoying it. In fact, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it more than I have since the show itself ends at the end of season three. There are many new characters to get acquainted with as well, and the ending is more satisfying than I expected it to be. and I'm already looking forward to the rest of the series.

The movie itself is a fun time and I recommend everyone to see this movie. I can honestly say that this movie is going to leave you wanting for more as you sit back and enjoy some excellent animation, amazing special effects and hilarious dialogue. A movie like this is going to make everyone go home with smiles on their faces, which is why I love It: The Movie.

Original title We Bare Bears: The Movie
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