Welcome to Sudden Death
Welcome to Sudden Death (2020)

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2020/9/29 80 min.


Welcome to Sudden Death is a thrilling action/adventure thriller film directed by David Giler and starring James Belushi, John Tutturro, and Kevin Kline. It was released on June 6, 1977, making it one of the earliest cult films ever made in America.

An armed security guard tries to apprehend a group of armed terrorists who are taking hostages inside a basketball stadium. Once they are captured, the group attacks the guards with explosives and guns. The guard is killed, but he manages to save the lives of the hostages. Once the terrorists kill him, they escape from the game arena with the hostages, leaving behind a bomb that will go off if it's not taken away.

Sooner or later, though, the bomb is taken out and the security guard returns home. There, he gets ready to go to work as usual when he hears a loud, booming sound, like a bomb, from somewhere near his house. He heads to the door but it suddenly slams shut in his face. He opens the door only to find the body of his mother lying at the bottom of the stairs. With an explosive device planted in the stairway, the terrorists have already escaped with all of her jewelry.

As a result of his mother's death, the security guard must now protect the lives of the hostages at the basketball game he attended and welcome to Sudden Death. The terrorists, though, have managed to acquire the weapon that will explode at any time - so the security guard must do whatever it takes to get the device out of the building before it goes off.

This is the story of a man (Dolph Lundgren) who loses everything - especially blood lust - when he sees the evil that human beings can do. With the help of a mysterious stranger named Tommy who tells him of what he must do, the man sets out to find the answers he has been seeking for years. He soon discovers that a mysterious person is after his daughter's life, as well, so he must help Tommy locate her before someone else does. the same thing to get hold of the device and hopefully prevent the device from exploding and hurting innocent civilians. This is a very entertaining film about an interesting set of characters that I believe will always be loved by fans of this genre.

The bloody violence and the bloody murder scenes may cause some to steer clear of this film, but I believe that there is much more to it than that. When you watch it, you begin to understand that the main character, Tommy, who is played by Tom Hanks, had a lot of inner turmoil that is the cause of his fighting with himself and his own identity. Welcome to Sudden Death is a great movie.

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