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2020/2/28 111 min.


Set in the 1960s, the animated film Wendy and the Massive Attack follow the story of Wendy, a 16-year-old teenager in search of romance, love and acceptance. Directed by Matt Warnecke (The Nightmare Before Christmas), the movie features the voices of Meaghan Martin (Camp Rocks, Mean Girls 2), Tyler Perry (Django Unchained, Barbershop: The Next Cut), Justin Timberlake, and Al Pacino. Starring Al Pacino as Pete, Michael Ealy (Lethal Weapon, American Gangster) plays Wendy. Martin is best known for her role as Mary Jane Watson in American Girl Dolls. As for the lead characters, Martin played Wendy's love interest, while Timberlake played the main character's father.

Director Matt Warnecke is a big fan of both Meaghan Martin and Tyler Perry, so he chose to cast them in this movie. In fact, Martin even calls it "Alicia Silverstone meets Katy Perry". As for the lead characters, Martin played Wendy's love interest, while Timberlake played the main character's father.

In the movie, Meaghan Martin plays an extremely shy young woman who longs for love and acceptance. She is also very sensitive and afraid of rejection, but she is not able to express her true feelings. As a result, she always runs away from her crush on a boy. Then, a tragic accident happens, and Martin realizes that she has been dumped by her boyfriend. This causes her to lose all the confidence she had, and she becomes almost paralyzed with fear.

Tom (Brian Posehn) is an orphan living in a foster home. He also suffers from anxiety and depression. He is scared of his own shadow, and when he looks at his reflection in the mirror, he begins to cry. He also has no friends or family to support him, and no other interests than to make his life boring. To make matters worse, his foster family does not know that he is adopted, so they are not aware of what he has gone through.

One day, Tom's mother suddenly dies of a heart attack, and he goes crazy when he sees that her head has a ring on it. When Tom finally decides to find out who it belongs to, he meets up with Wendy. On the first meeting, he sees that Wendy is shy, timid, and nervous, but when they get to talking, she reveals her inner strength. He is also very kind and compassionate. But, he knows that she is scared because of the "mask" she wears. He does not know how to approach her, so he gets scared himself. He tells her, "You're not just any girl, are you?"

So, he decides to give it a try, and asks her out on a date. In this way, Tom makes his first real step toward acceptance, and she accepts him for who he really is. He also asks her to let go of the mask he wears, and accept him as he is. They both agree to be one, together, and they go on their date. The two girls end up having a romantic night together, and both get very serious about each other.

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